2012 Online Earning Report Updated April

Online Earnings Report April 2012 I just updated my 2012 Online Earnings over in the righthand sidebar, as I just received payment for a couple of my online businesses. One was for my Squidoo lenses, which right now is my most consistently high paying online earning source. I have other sources that make more money a few months out of the year, but Squidoo continues to a consistently source of my best online income.

The second income source that I just got paid for, which is also quite a big chunk of my online income, was for my small business marketing services that I offer to a local small business. I handle all the website information, updates to their blog, as well as online advertising on Craigslist and Backpage for them, as well as making sure their website is entered into as many free online business directories as possible.

My advertising services bring them about 30-40 customer leads per month and a new customer is worth about $1000 for a year. I am paid a $50 commission for every new full service customer they sign up, plus a percentage of any one time customer sales. For the local business, this is a good set up because they only pay me for my advertising services when I actually get them a new customer. In their business it is standard to buy customer routes from other businesses, and when doing this a new customer would cost them one year’s of revenue, or $1000. So they are getting a new customer from me for only $50 + 10% of any one time services required at start up. I save them a ton of money while still allowing their business to grow. They keep hiring new people to meet the demand of all their new customers. For me, this small business marketing contract is great because the commissions are much higher than any other type of online marketing I do. Businesses are used to having to pay a lot of money for advertising without any guarantee of results. If you can arrange a similar contract with a small business owner where you will handle all their online marketing services in exchange for commissions on new customer sign ups, then this can really expand your online earnings. The local small business I contract with is a seasonal business, so the spring and summer months make me more money as I can get more new customers during this time frame.

Thinking about doing something similar? This type of small business marketing services work well for small SERVICE related businesses that may only have a few employees, like cleaning businesses, landscaping businesses, painters, pet sitters, any SERVICE type business. Just look through the service business ads on Craigslist for some ideas.

The business owner probably doesn’t have any room in their budget for advertising and marketing, so they would be happy to set up a deal with you to pay you only for new customers you get for them. I bill my small business one month after I secure the new customer, and they actually pay me $10 per month for 5 months. So if the customer quits their service contract prior to the 5 months, they only pay me for the months they had the customer (this rarely happens). And by billing them a month after the new customer starts, the business has already been paid for the customer’s first month of service. Then they pay me my $10. And continue to do so for the next 4 months for that customer until they have paid me a total of $50. This makes it so there is virtually no risk to the small business. They only pay for advertising after they’ve gotten results = a new customer who has increased the company’s revenue.

Ok, so back to my online earnings. I updated the total amount, and I think I’m also going to list how much I was paid each month. These online earnings are what I was ACTUALLY PAID that month. So the earnings may have been from 60-90 prior to that. For example, my earnings in February were high because that included my online earnings from the Christmas shopping season. My Amazon earnings and also my cash back website earnings were really high for December and I was paid in February.

2012 Online Earnings (payment received in this month)
January 2012     $ 1,421.66
February 2012    $ 4,508.30
March 2012       $ 2,116.50
April 2012          $ 3,099.30
Total                $ 11,145.76

What different ways am I making money online from home?  These payments represent my earnings from the following online revenue sources:

Small Business Online Marketing Services (discussed above)
Amazon Associates Program
Referral Commissions for Cash Back Websites – Ebates and Mr Rebates
Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool
Commission Junction
Google Adsense


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