Amazon Associate Earnings Report

Today I looking at my Amazon Associate earnings report and I thought it would be encouraging to see how much my earnings have increased since one year ago.  So I pulled up a report showing what I earned in July 2011 and compared it to what I made this past month of July 2012.

This is just for everyone’s encouragement to keep working at making new webpages, blog posts, Squidoo lenses, or whatever you are currently doing to make money online.  Your efforts will pay off in the future.  My Amazon Associate earnings are just one of my revenue streams, and most of my links are actually on my Squidoo lenses.  (Join Squidoo HERE) These are my own html links I insert onto Squidoo lenses, NOT the Amazon modules on Squidoo (those are paid through Squidoo).

So here’s the earnings comparison:  In July 2011 I only made $88.92, but in July 2012 I made $494.86.

Increased Amazon Associate Earnings

I made only $88.92 in July 2011


Amazon Associate Earnings Report

I made more than 5 times as much in 2012 ~ a total of $494.86 for the month of July 2012

Most of the increase I attribute to making more pages that featured Amazon products.  But some of it probably is also due to the fact that the pages that were already earning me money in 2011 were now a year older and getting more traffic.

So keep building new pages.  Your old pages will continue to earn, while your new pages will be giving you a new revenue stream.

I know everyone is anticipating my July 2012 Online Earnings Report….I will have it done soon!


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