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My latest project has been to buy a few aged domains that are at least 10 years old and have a PR of 4+. Of course these domains are quite desirable so they are expensive. In the last few weeks I’ve bought two domains with a business partner who put up half of the money for the domains. Both of the domains cost around $1000 each. This is a bit of an experiment to see how long it takes to make back my money and start turning a profit. I’m going into this with the attitude of comparing it to buying a business. Although it varies by industry, many businesses will be bought for one year’s worth of revenue. I’m optimistic that both of these domains will make back my investment within six months. After that they will simply be making me passive income.

I would have preferred to buy the domains myself, with the help of a business partner funding 50% of it. But if I would have be buying it myself I would have never gotten the domain, as I would have stopped bidding around $500. By having a business partner, I was able to bid up to $1000 and still I only spent $500. Although I realized that now I am sharing the profits 50/50. I just would have never even been able to buy the domains without my business partner paying for 50% of it.

The reason I paid so much for the domains is because not only were they aged (more than 12 years old), they also had high PRs, but more importantly they had thousands of backlinks already in place. I’m not much for trying to create backlinks for my websites, so I would rather have backlinks already in place.

After being live for one week, the first website had 155 visits yesterday. I expect traffic to increase as I get more and more content on the website. The second website has only been up for a couple days and it hasn’t been reindexed by Google yet, so its only getting a few visitors per day right now. Both sites are already making money through Adsense and Viglink.

I purchased both of the domains through GoDaddy auctions. And I used the Mr Rebates cash back website to get 15% cash back on my purchases. I just made sure to start at the Mr Rebates GoDaddy page both when I made my first bid and also before I went back to pay after I had won the auction. This gave me 15% cash back, which on a $1000 purchase is $150. Save 15% on your purchases HERE. They also have coupon codes too.

Once I won the auction I set up a website on WordPress and I wrote some articles about the topics. My monetization strategy for these two websites is to have both Adsense and Viglink on the sites. Both sites feature items sold on eBay, which will earn me money through Viglink. I will probably put Amazon products on one of the websites also.

I will report back on how these two websites are doing after they’ve had about a month to started.

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