Earn up to 32% Commissions

Earn up to 32% commissions
Promote my Products, Earn up to 32% in Commissions

I’ve been doing a lot of work creating and promoting Zazzle products lately. I love all the different designs from individual artists, graphic designers and photographers. I also like to create my own products, but because my interests are all over the place, my Zazzle stores needs some help getting my products promoted. That’s where you come in. Did you know you can earn up to 32% in commission by promoting my Zazzle designs? The base commission is 15% and then you earn volume bonuses in addition to that based on how much your total sales were for the month. You can earn the 15% base plus up to 17% in volume bonuses which equals a 32% commission. Compared to the 7% I earn on Amazon products, that quite a bit more! And with the Christmas shopping season approaching, now is a great time to start promoting items.

Here’s how you can promote my Zazzle items and earn up to 32% commissions.

  1. First, sign up to be a Zazzle affiliate. This is also a great way to get good images and photos for your websites, blogs, Squidoo lenses. Sign up on Zazzle as an affiliate here
  2. Then go to my products at Zazzle.com/OldCountryStore* and also Zazzle.com/azlaird*and browse through my products for sale.  You can promote any of the items.  Or you can just use them as cool pictures on your website (as long as the picture links to the product for sale on Zazzle).
  3.  Grab the html link codes:  Use the LINK button that is right below the product picture, next to all the share buttons.  Sometimes this LINK button is hidden behind the SHARE button.  Click on this and a box will open that has the html code and also just the link to the product.   As long as you signed up for the Zazzle associate’s program (or have a Zazzle account) and you are logged in, then the link will automatically include your referral tracking code.  Copy this html code
  4. Paste the html code onto your website, blog, Squidoo lens, or anywhere else you can paste html.  Make sure the website you are putting it on allows you to place affiliate links on it. For example, a free wordpress blog does NOT allow you to place affiliate links on them, but a self-hosted website that used the wordpress platform does, and so does Blogger.  Squidoo is also a great FREE place to place affiliate links.  Just put the code into a Squidoo text module.
Here’s some of my recent items that you might want to promote, or use as images on your website (make sure the image links back to the Zazzle product for sale).

ABC Wooden Blocks with Kids Name Seating Cards Carousel Horse with Kids Name Seating Cards Wooden Building Blocks Greeting Card ABC 123 Star Sticker Carousel Horse Greeting Card

And here’s some Christmas Gift Designs you can promote. These make great gifts for bosses, teachers, newspaper carriers, mailmen, family, friends, and acquintances. Fill them with Christmas candy or a gift card to their favorite store. Or buy them yourself as gifts using your referral code and you’ll earn the 15% commission. That’s right, you can earn the referral commission on your own purchases. Just use the link button as I instructed above, and copy the link that includes your referral id. Then paste it into a new browser and it will track your purchase and give you a referral commission, even on your own purchases. I normally clear my cookies first, then copy link with my referral id to make sure no other Zazzle referral tracking codes are on my computer.

Blue Snowflakes Winter Christmas Gift Mug Blue Snowflakes Coffee Cup Mug Snowman Frosted Glass Mug Cute Santa and Reindeer Merry Christmas Coffee Mug Merry Christmas Happy Holiday Gift Mug Santa Claus Coffee Cup Mug for Christmas Gift

Earn up to 32% Commissions when you promote my iPhone 4/4S Cases:
Dragonflies iPhone 4/4S Case Whimsical Vines Flowers Butterfly Red iPhone 4/4s Case Whimsical Vines Flowers Butterfly iPhone 4/4s Case Teal Flowers iPhone 4/4s Case Sunflower iPhone Case Urban Design Caged Light iPhone 4/4S Case Whimsical Orange Vines Flowers Birds Butterflies Vintage Muscle Car Hot Rod iPhone 4 Case Rustic Spiral Staircase iPhone 4/4S Case Southwestern Adobe Fireplace Room iPhone 4/4S Case Robot Clock Recycled Art iPhone 4 Case Personalized Yellow Purple Floral Cool iPhone 4 Cases for Girls Purple Stained Glass Abstract iPhone 4 Case Butterfly Princess Cool iPhone 4 Cases for Girls Cobalt Blue Southwestern Tile Design Cool iPhone 4 Iphone 4 Cover Arizona Saguaro Cactus at Night Cool iPhone 4 Cases Patriotic God Bless the USA iPhone 4 Case Tropical Palm Trees Vacation iPhone 4 Case Light Blue Checkered Pattern iPhone 4 Case Abstract Aqua Blue and Violet iPhone Case Abstract Blue Threads iPhone 4 Case Tree Silhouette Sepia iPhone 4 Case Orange Mosaic Tile Pattern Cool iPhone 4 Cases Cool Alien iPhone 4 Case Blue Alien iPhone Case Abstract Circle Art iPhone 4 Case Fun Abstract Butterfly Hand Prints iPhone Case Aquatic Ocean Under the Sea iPhone 4 Case Lobsters opening Treasure Chest iPhone 4 Case Hot Air Balloons in Rays of Sunshine iPhone 4 Case Classic Mustang Car Grunge Cool iPhone 4 Case Blue Striped Abstract Tunnel iPhone 4 Case Christmas Tree with Gifts Holiday iPhone 4 Case Hello Howdy What's Up Hi iPhone 4 Case Are you Looking at ME? Funny Crane Folk Art iPhone Tough Iphone 4 Cases Vintage Antique Typewriter Strikers iPhone 4 Case Vintage Typewriter Keys iPhone 4 Case
Wooden Checkers Chess Board iPhone 4/4S Case Monkey Face iPhone 4/4s Case Rustic Southwestern Decor iPhone 4/4s Case Urban Tree and Waterfall iPhone 4/4s case Birdhouse iPhone case Wood Pile iphone Case Horse Ride On iPhone 4/4s Phone Tree Rings iPhone 4/4s Case

Hot Rod Items to Promote:
Vintage Yellow Muscle Car Hot Rod Postcard Vintage Muscle Car Hot Rod iPhone 4 Case Hot Rod Yellow Muscle Car Laptop Sleeve Customizable Classic Car Show Yard Sign

Birdhouse Designs to Promote:
Cute Red and Blue Birdhouse Postcard Red Birdhouse in Alligator Juniper Tree Postcard We Moved! Cute Birdhouse Postcard Birdhouse in Tree Ergonomic Gel Mousepad Birdhouse in Tree Ergonomic Gel Mousepad

Rooster Throw Pillows to Promote ~ These are great to promote because the pillows start at $59, which means each sale earns you at least $8.85 in commissions! $12.98 if you’ve sold over $100 in product that month. $16.52 if you’ve sold over $1000 of product that month!
Two Dancing Roosters Throw Pillow Three Roosters Red Black Decorative Throw Pillow Three Roosters Red Black Decorative Throw Pillow Red and White Rooster Decorative Throw Pillow Red and White Rooster Decorative Throw Pillow Three Roosters Decorative Accent Throw Pillow Beige Three Roosters Decorative Accent Throw Pillow Reversible Burnt Orange Yellow Roosters Pillow Reversible Burnt Orange Yellow Roosters Pillow Double Blue Rooster Decorative Throw Pillow Double Blue Rooster Decorative Throw Pillow Blue Rooster Decorative Throw Pillow

Sunflower Designs to Promote:
Sunflower Art Postage Stamps Sunflowers and Vines Decorative Throw Pillow Pop Art Sunflowers Decorative Throw Pillow
Yellow Sunflower Ergonomic Gel Mousepad Sunflower Decorative Accent Throw Pillow Sunflower in the Garden Gel Mousepad

Coffee Mugs to Promote:
Whimsical Butterflies Birds Flowers Vines Mug Horse Coffee Cup Mug Gifts for Horse Lovers Moo Cute Cow Coffee Cup Mugs Pink Yellow Flower Coffee Mug Whimsical Floral Orange and Purple Coffee Mug Big Nose Kate's Saloon Tombstone Arizona Coffee Mugs


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Earn up to 32% Postcard


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