Earning Residual Income from Cash Back Websites

My Residual Income from Cash Back Website Referrals

Cash Back Websites Passive Income
My Residual Passive Income from Mr Rebates Cash Back Website

One of the simplest ways to earn on ongoing passive income stream is from Cash Back Website Referrals. What are cash back website referrals? First let me explain what a cash back website is.

Cash Back Websites give online shoppers coupon codes and cash back rebates for shopping online. Usually they have affiliate relationships with thousands of stores and these stores give them a commission when they send a shopper to the merchant and the shopper buys something. The cash back website then splits that commission with the shopper and gives it back to them in the form of a cash back rebate. So the merchant may pay a 10% commission to the cash back website, who splits that and give the shopper a 5% cash back rebate on their purchase. These websites are completely free to use.

Some of them also have referral programs and will pay a cash back bonus to anyone who refers a new member to the cash back website. Some of the referral program will pay a one time bonus, like Ebates, who pays a one time $5 bonus when the new shopper makes their first purchase of $25 or more. But other cash back site, like my favorite Mr Rebates, pay a percentage and will pay the cash back bonus EVERY TIME the new shopper makes an online purchase through them, for the life of their account! For example, if you refer a new member to Mr Rebates, and that new member shops online at Nordstroms and earns $10 in cash back, you would earn $2.00 in cash back from their shopping. You earn a bonus which is equal to 20% of the cash back that your referral earned. This is paid from Mr Rebates pocket, not from the shopper. Your referred shopper earns the same amount of cash back regardless of if someone referred them or not.

Mr. Rebates Cash Back Website

What’s great is that you continue to earn for the life of that new shopper’s account. So if you refer someone who makes a lot of online purchases, they can earn a lot of cash back, and you can earn a lot of referral bonuses. As you refer more and more people over time, you’ll start earning more and more every month! I currently earn a few hundred dollars per month from these referral programs, and my earnings just keep growing as I refer more people.

Who Should You Refer

If you want to make the most money, then you should refer people who you know like to shop online. For example, I have a friend who is very tall and has to buy all her business suits online because she can’t find any in her size in regular stores. So she shops online a lot. I told her about Mr Rebates, and she was very excited to know that not only could she use the coupon codes Mr Rebates offers, but that she would also get cash back on her purchases. She signed up right away, and now she saves money on her online purchases, and I earn a referral commission every time she shops. It’s a win-win for both of us.

Another type of person to refer that would make you a lot of money is any type of small business that orders inventory or parts online. I have a few referrals that commonly place orders of $1500+ online. Sometimes they earn $300+ in cash back rebates on one order, and I earn a $60 referral bonus. If you know of any small businesses that order business supplies online, then they would be great to get signed up as a referral. They save money for their business and you earn a commission! Everybody wins.

The two cash back websites that I use and that I refer people to are Mr Rebates (my favorite) and Ebates.

I always encourage people to sign up for more than one cash back website, because each site runs different deals on different days. And the cash back rebates can vary. For example, lets say you want to buy something from Gap.com. On that particular day, Mr Rebates might be running a special where the cash back rebate amount is 15%, but Ebates is only offering 7%. On a different day, Ebates might be offering the better deal. So I always check 2-3 cash back sites to see which one if offering the highest cash back for the merchant I am shopping at on that day, and I use them. You can join all three of these cash back websites for free below. Use them to save money on your own shopping, and tell your friends (and strangers) and start earning passive income from referrals.

Here is another screenshot of my earnings I have received via Paypal for my cash back from Mr Rebates.

Mr Rebates proof of payment


Mr. Rebates


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