First Month of Viglink Earnings

Here’s my earnings in the first 30 days of using Viglink on my websites


Viglink Results Earnings Report

It’s been one month since I first started using Viglink on some of my websites. (Read my first post on Viglink here) Looking back over the last 30 days, I have had about 1100 clicks that were affiliated through Viglink. Most of these are eBay links, as my sites I’m using this on focus on eBay products. Over this past 30 days I’ve sold $761.99 worth of items on eBay. And so far my dashboard shows that

I’ve earned $76.71 in this first 30 days.

The screenshot shows only $73, but there is another $3.71 on the “link insertion” screen. ┬áBecause my affiliate programs pay based on a percentage of your sales, I like to compare how Viglink is paying if I were paid on a percentage of sales. It works out to be a 10% commission of my sales for this past month, which I think is pretty good. Since the websites are brand new, my traffic, clicks, and sales should increase over time. Some of my websites are aged domains that I purchased, but the content is all brand new. So it will take some time for Google to figure out what my sites are about and send me targeted traffic.

I’m hoping that as I get more targeted traffic to my websites, I’ll get more sales volume, which should increase my earnings per click for the eBay clicks, as EPN pays based on the “quality” of the clicks you send to them. The more clicks that convert to sales, the higher the earnings per click.

Make Money Your Blog

If you have a blog that already has a lot of articles and posts on it but you aren’t making as much money as you would like, why not try out Viglink. Especially if you commonly refer to different items you may have bought or some type of product you would like to have. For example, if you blogs says something like “I saw this great table cloth on sale at” Viglink will automatically insert an affiliate link for you. And it will go back through all your old posts automatically to see what type of words or links it could affiliate. It’s an easy way to make money on your blog.


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  1. How do you make individual product links for viglink? Do you just save the picture from the merchant to your own site then just the link wrapper to make the link?

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