First Zazzle Referral Sale on my New Website

I just wanted to make a quick post because I’m really excited that I got my first Zazzle referral sale from my new website  This website went live on June 27th, the same day as Zazzle rolled out their new redesigned website, and a few days prior to the July 1st change in Volume Bonus terms, in which now you will only receive Volume Bonus on sales that you refer to Zazzle with your ?rf number attached.  So I made this site to help my country style invitations get more traffic, and also as a way to attach my referral id number and get some referral sales.

Well today when I checked my stats I was happy to I had a “self-referred” sale on my royalty report.  So I checked the referral history and saw that the tracking code said “RusticCountryWeddingInvitationsWeebly” which is the tracking code I attached to the links (by putting &tc=RusticCountryWeddingInvitationsWeebly at the end of the links).  This tells me that this sale originated from a clickout from that website!  I’m very excited to see a sale within the first week!


Zazzle Royalty Earnings

Zazzle Royalty Earnings showing a “Self-Referred” Sale.


Zazzle Referral Program

The tracking code attached to the link showed me that this sale originated from my website.


I also learned a few things as I have been putting up more pages on the website.  I am going to change the image sizes of my invitations so they are at least 238px.  Right now, some of them are still the smaller pictures.  I originally made them 150px so visitors could see a lot of different styles without having to scroll very far (one of my pet peeves about the new redesigned Zazzle site – too much scrolling involved).  However, the smaller pictures don’t “pin” very well to Pinterest.  For a picture to fill up the space on the news feed and look good, it needs to be at least 238 px wide.

And because I am doing some pinning of my pictures, to help bring traffic to this website, I need them to be at least 238.  I already changed the images and html code on the affiliate page so they will be larger pictures on your websites that you embed the code on, so reader’s pins will look better.   I’ve also added some new sets of invitations with their html code for you to go grab.  Just make sure to write your own description of the sets so you have unique content for Google on your website.

If you don’t have a website, or you just want to earn referral fees by sharing on Pinterest, you should be following the links on my website over to Zazzle first.  Make sure you are also logged in to Zazzle.  Then use the “Share” button to share on Pinterest from the actual product page on Zazzle.  That way YOUR referral id number will be attached to the pin.  If you simply pin from one of my websites, it will still have my referral id number attached.  So in order to get referral fees for pinning my products make sure you are pinning directly from the Zazzle website.

I have also gotten questions about Pinterest stripping out referral links.  Right now, if you pin from the Zazzle share button using the pinterest icon in the Share button,  (NOT from the Pinterest bookmarklet on your browser), the referral id number will stay intact.  May sure you are fully logged in to Zazzle.

Where is the Pinterest Button on Zazzle

Hover over the Share button to see icons for facebook, twitter, and Pinterest

The “Share” button is a bit hard to find.  It’s on the right hand side down the page a bit.  (see picture) If you hover over the share button with your mouse, little icons will pop up for facebook, twitter, pinterest, etc.

Sometimes, your Zazzle account name will be at the top of the screen from yesterday’s session, but you aren’t really logged in.  Click on your account and go to a page in your back office, like the earnings page.  If you can get to your account dashboard, like your earning page, then you are fully logged in.  But if it’s your first visit of the day to Zazzle, you most likely will need to log in again.  Once you are logged in fully (can see all your account info), then go to my product pages and pin away.  Your referral id number will automatically be included.  If you hover over the pin afterwards, you should see ?rf=1234567890 or &rf=1234567890 in the link somewhere.

You can also “edit” the pin and see if your referral id number is there, and also edit it if you want to add a tracking code to it, such as &tc=pinterest.  I don’t usually add a tracking code to my pins, simply because it takes to much time.  I’d rather pin 25 things, than pin only 5 and edit them to add the tracking code.   I have also had more repins since I switched to a business account.  I have heard others say the same thing.  And since you are pinning a lot of products and websites, you really should have a business account anyway.  It gives you the option to “convert” if you already have a pinterest account.

I have also been considering doing blog posts here on FiveGreenLizards that have html codes for people to pick up and copy/paste, so I could do it for all kinds of products, not just my Country Wedding Invitations, but I haven’t figured out a way to post the code as text so it doesn’t get messed up.  Everytime I post code as an example it shows up with characters changed.  So if I ever figure it out I think that would be a great way to help everyone do marketing easier.  You would just need to swipe out my referral id number for yours, and then stick it in your websites or blogs.

Maybe I’ll start a separate website on Weebly just for that purpose.  For example, I could group together 20 items with the same design, like iphone case, laptop sleeve, messenger bag, coffee mug, stickers, invitations, etc.  Then you could just grab the code, use notepad to quickly edit and replace the referral id number, and make a new blog post with your own description of the design.  What do you think?  Would it help you to have 2 or 3 batches like that posted for you a week?  If I did it, would you guys use it?  You could just plug it into a free blogger blog or a free weebly website.  Let me know in the comments below!  Thanks.

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7 comments on “First Zazzle Referral Sale on my New Website

  1. Hi Kim,

    It isn’t a huge deal, but Google prefers rel=nofollow in all affiliate links. I just wanted to mention that before people started picking up your HTML. If it isn’t already added, it is very easy to just copy-paste it into the code.

    Congrats on the self-referred sale!

    • Hi Patrick! Thanks for the comment. I’m glad my results are inspiring others. When I first started trying to earn money online, I loved to read other people’s success stories. I don’t think I would have continued my journey without the inspiration of others! I’m glad that now I’m on the other side and can be an inspiration to others! May we all have much success in 2014 and beyond!

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  3. Hi, does Zazzle notify you via email upon any sale resulting from someone clicking through the affiliate links in our websites or social media (e.g. Pinterest)?

    • Yes, you can change the settings to have Zazzle email you when you make a referral sale. Just log in to your account, go to My Account> Account Settings> and Check the Box for “Email me when I receive an associate referral”. Otherwise you can also see your referrals in your Earnings > Referral History. I hope that helps. Thanks!

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