How to Easily Make Some Extra Money During the Christmas Shopping Season

With the Christmas shopping season starting up, I thought I would share a few suggestions for how to make a little extra money. Whether you have a website or not, you can still make some money. One of the easiest ways to make some extra money is by recommending a cash back website to your family, friends, website readers, etc. This is actually my first income source that really started paying me money. And it has consistently been paying me a few hundred dollars every month. Below I’ve posted a screenshot of my payments from Mr Rebates, a free cash back website that pays cash back when you shop online at more than 2000 online merchants like Walmart, Target, Home Depot, Macy’s, and all the big name stores.

They all have a ton of specialty stores that they partner with also, so chances are that any store you need to buy from, you can get cash back on your purchase. And many times you don’t have to pay sales tax when you buy online, which where I live, saves me an additional 10%. Mr Rebates also offers thousands of coupon codes, and many of these are for a % off plus free shipping. So when you combine the cash back rebate and the coupon codes, you can really save a lot of money over what you would pay for the same product in the retail store.

Mr Rebates also has a referral program, which is what can turn into a nice little income for you.  When you refer others to Mr Rebates, and they join through your link, every time they earn cash back on one of their purchases, you earn cash back too.  You are paid a “referral bonus” that is equal to 20% of the amount of cash back they receive.  Your referral still gets 100% of their cash back, whether or not someone refers them.  Your referral commission is paid from Mr Rebates portion of the cash back.  You see, the merchants pay Mr Rebates a commission for sending shoppers to their stores.  Mr Rebates then in turn splits that commission with the shopper and gives it back to them in the form of cash back.  If someone referred that person, they also give a little to the referrer.

I have been receiving income from Mr Rebates for a few years now, but I really didn’t start referring other people until 2011, and you can see how my payments from them has increased.

Make Money Online from Home with Mr Rebates

How to Make Money with Mr Rebates this shopping season

Obviously, you should use Mr Rebates to save money on your own shopping.  But you can also tell your friends, family, and website readers about it also, and give them your referral link.  When they join through your link, they will get a $5 sign up bonus, just like you will when you join through this link, and then every time they make a purchase online through Mr Rebates, they earn cash back, you will also earn cash back.  Over time, the more and more referrals you have, the more money you will be making, simply from other people shopping online.  And since you are not selling them anything, but rather simply telling them how they can get free cash back on their purchases, it’s easy to get people to sign up.  Who doesn’t want to save money.  Nearly everyone has heard of using coupon codes on their online purchases to save money, but very few people know that some of these coupon codes sites, like Mr Rebates, will also give you cash back.

Remember, the cash back is coming from a commission the store is giving Mr Rebates for sending customers to their site.  It’s just another form of advertising that stores do to get customers to their store instead of their competitors.  As a shopper using Mr Rebates, if I need to buy something from Home Depot online, but that day on the Mr Rebates site, Lowe’s is offering double the cash back rebate that Home Depot is, then I’m going to buy my item from Lowe’s.  It’s just another way for stores to get customers.  Mr Rebates is simply doing affiliate marketing for the stores.  But they are splitting their commissions and giving cash back to their members.  It’s a way for Mr Rebates to attract members and earn more.  And the shopper earns more too.  A win win for everyone.

So Join Mr Rebates today, and start sharing your referral link with your family and friends.  They have easy facebook share buttons, links, and banners for you to use.

Mr. Rebates

My explanation of Mr Rebates ran a little long, so I will share the rest of my tips in another post.


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