How to Find Customers for Discount Dental Insurance Plans like Ameriplan

How to Get Customers for a Dental Discount Plan

There are a lot of independent business owners who sell discount dental plans like Ameriplan. I thought I would do a quick case study of how the Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool can help those business owners and work at home moms who are selling these discount dental plans. So many people turn to the internet when searching for information on something, including dental plans. As a seller of these dental discount plans, you want those potential customers to find YOUR website about Ameriplan (or another discount dental plan).

But how do you get your website found in Google? By focusing your website title, keywords, and tags on phrases that get searched for in Google, but don’t have a bunch of other competition from other websites. I’ve typed into the Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool the phrase “discount dental plan” and here are the results.

How to get customers for discount dental insurance plans like Ameriplan

The words “discount dental plan” gets 9686 searches in Google per month.  So you might thing that you should focus on that phrase, writing a blog post with that as a title, using it in your tags, etc.  But you would not have much luck with that phrase.  Why?  Because there is TOO MUCH COMPETITION from other websites.   There are more than 674,000 other websites that have that phrase in the title or url.  There’s NO WAY you are going to start a new blog or website and get on the first page of Google for that phrase.  But all is not lost.  What about some of the other similar phrases that might have less competition?

I’ve highlighted some notable phrases that have a little bit of traffic, and good numbers in terms of low competition.  The score in the last column is what I like to look at.  It is a score that the keyword research tool assigns based on the number of searches the phrases gets per month and how much competition there is from other websites.  A higher number is better.  A score of 100 would be the best.  I like to try to find keywords that have a score of 90 or more.  You can see from the list that the following phrases might be ones to use when trying to get found in Google by potential customers looking to buy a discount dental plan.

  • Discount Dental Insurance Plan
  • Family Dental Discount Plan
  • Discount Dental Health Plan

And I also highlighted some other suggested keywords shown on the left hand side of the keyword research tool. I would run these through Jaaxy to see their scores too:

  • Dental Insurance Alternative
  • Dental Insurance Option
  • Alternative to Dental Insurance

You can also use Jaaxy to search for people who are searching for phrases like “Where to buy a dental discount plan” or something like “dental discount plan quotes”.  There are all kinds of different phrases you could type into Jaaxy to see if you can find one with a “Green Dot” and a score of “90+”.  Once you find those keywords then I would write a blog post about it, using the keyword phrases as the post title, or maybe even the website name.  Then I would use it as my keywords and tags, and make sure to use the bold and italic font for the important keyword phrases within the body of the post.  This helps tell Google what that page is about, and helps Google determine how they should rank you within the search engine results you see on Google.

You want your website or blog to be ranked on the first page of Google.  That’s where all the traffic is.  If you can get your website of blog on page 1 of Google for one of these keywords, you’ll start getting visitors to your website who are looking to BUY a dental discount plan.  Then the customers start coming to you, instead of you having to go out and find them!

The Jaaxy keyword research tool costs $19 per month.  However, they also have an affiliate program where you can earn $8 per month when a new person joins from your link.  If you are in a direct marketing business like Ameriplan, this is a great tool to suggest to your downline recruits you are mentoring (IF you find it useful yourself in your own business).  If they use the tool, and join through your link, you’ll earn $8 each month they are using Jaaxy.  You can pay for your Jaaxy subscription and bank $5 a month by telling 3 other people about it ($8 commission x $3 referrals = $24 per month.   $24 commissions – $19 your Jaaxy subscription = $5 extra)

I use Jaaxy everyday, and it have made a HUGE difference in getting visitors to my websites.  It can be used in any type of business or niche.  I do these case studies because I want to help others working from home be successful in their businesses.  But I also get an affiliate commission whenever someone joins using my link.  However, I would not recommend Jaaxy unless I was truly satisfied with it, which I am.  It is the #1 reason I can make money online with businesses.  When I first started using it I told myself that I would try it out for 1 month, and if it didn’t help my business, I would cancel it and only be out of pocket $19.  Well, within that month I used the tool to change phrases on my titles, subtitles, keywords, and tags on my websites and blogs I had already written about.  My traffic immediately increased! And so did my SALES!  I was hooked, and I have been using it ever since.  You can even read a post I wrote about how I used it to find a keyword phrase with high traffic and low competition to use on one of my webpages, and now I’m ranked #1 on Google for that phrase,  and getting 13,000+ visitors per month to that one page I wrote.  Read about that here:

If you would like to try out Jaaxy, you can sign up below.

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      • “Monthly” is how many people SEARCH for that phrase in Google per month. “Estimate” is their estimate to HOW MUCH TRAFFIC your website would get IF you are on the FIRST page of Google. However, in my experience, if you are towards to top of the page on Google’s search results (#1-3), you’ll get more traffic than that. But if you are on the bottom of the page one results, you’ll get less traffic than that.

    • Yes, you could. I’ve actually had ads I’ve posted on Backpage (for a local company) show up quite high in Google search results. You would want to have the title of the ad have the keyword phrase, because that is what Google will pick up as the main header tag.

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