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How to Get Customers 101

This is another post in my new series, How to Get Customers 101,  where I am giving actual case study data from my keyword research tool that I use. In this post I am focusing on the greeting cards home business. If you are a distributor for Send Out Cards, or another similar greeting card home business opportunity, then this post if for you.

If I were a greeting card independent distributor, I would want to know how I can easily get business customers who may order a large volume of cards on a recurring basis. I would focus my marketing efforts on businesses that rely on customer retention. My personal dentist uses Send Out Cards, and as a patient I was very impressed to get a few cards from him when I was a new patient. He also used it as part of his referral program. If, as a patient, you referred a friend or even your spouse, he would send you a $50 Starbucks gift card. That gift card came inside a Send Out Cards greeting card. I also received one on my birthday and I think also on Christmas. As his customer, it made me feel like he was interested in making me happy as a customer and keeping my business. This is part of his overall marketing strategy for his business.

These are the type of small businesses that I would focus on trying to get as a customer for a greeting card home business. Because they would be ordering a large volume of cards which would increase your personal sales volume and push you to more bonuses. After you have a new business as a customer, you could also tell them they can get a discount, or earn additional revenue by sharing this type of marketing strategy with other small business friends. They probably don’t want to give away all their marketing secrets to the competing dentists in the area, but they may know many dentists in other parts of the state or even across the country, that they could tell them about this marketing strategy. You then have recruited them into being a distributor, and they earn money on their dentist friends they sign up for the program. Both of these are high volume customers. They will be ordering cards as part of their marketing of their small business. This will be ongoing orders.

So lets get to how you find these business customers. Every day companies big and small search Google for an easy way to buy business greeting cards for their clients and customers. But you might be surprised to see what they are searching for. This is where a keyword research tool will be a valuable asset to your greeting card home business. This is what is going to help you find these business customers.

Here’s a screenshot I took from my Jaaxy keyword research tool. The green dots mean you have the best chance of getting ranked in Google the easiest. If you are on the first page of Google for a keyword phrase that gets a lot of searches per month, then you will get traffic to your website. The SEO Power number is what I like to look at. I’m always looking for something at least in the 90’s. The higher the better. This is telling me that there aren’t very many competing websites compared to the amount of searches this term gets in Google. The higher the score, the easier it is to get ranked in Google.

How to Get Customers for your Greeting Card Business

Business Thanksgiving Cards

I have highlighted a few different keyword phrases on this list that have scores of 91 (remember, higher is better).  If I had a home business selling greeting cards, like Send Out Cards, I would make my own website or blog and write a post titled “Business Thanksgiving Cards“, then I would talk about or feature some of the business Thanksgiving Cards you sell on your website, and link over to those cards on your Send Out Cards site.

As you can see from the stats, that exact match keyword phrase get 880 searches per month.  The second column is an estimate that if you were on page 1 of Google for this keyword phrase, you can expect to get around 150 visitors per month.  My experience has been that if you towards to top of the Google page, your actually visitors for this keyword will be a lot higher, but if you are the bottom of the page, it will be lower.  This is just an average number.  The third column shows how many other competing websites have this phrase in its title.  Jaaxy will tell you that anything under 400 is good.  Obviously the lower the number of competing websites the BETTER.  If you see a phrase with hundreds of traffic and only 3 or 4 competing websites, then immediately write up a website page or post with those words in the title and you’ll easily get ranked on page 1 of Google.

I’ve also highlighted a coupe other phrases that also show a score of 91. ” Custom Business Christmas Cards” does have a score of 91, but it only gets about 48 exact match searches per month.  “Custom Corporate Greeting Cards” also has a score of 91, but it only get 8 searches per month.   So although these have high scores, they barely get any traffic.  I would focus my time on writing a post about “Business Thanksgiving Cards” and maybe use the other terms in the tags and keywords area of the blog post, but not worry about making your own post with those phrase unless you have plenty of time.

Other Keyword Research for Greeting Card Home Business

So that’s just an example of one search I did exploring the market of business greeting cards.  Because these customers would have a high volume of card orders on an ongoing basis.  But you could also use the Jaaxy Keyword Research tool to find out the best phrases to use for:

  • What do people search for when ordering bulk thank you cards
  • What do people search for when they want to join a greeting card home business
  • What do people search for when they want to order hundreds of Christmas Cards
  • What do people search for when they want custom graduation cards, birthday cards, or wedding thank you cards

There are so many different types of cards that using the Jaaxy Keyword Research tool would be very helpful to getting customers for your greeting card business.  Once you know what phrases to use then I would use those phrases in your website urls, titles, and headings, making one page dedicated to each specific phrase.  Then add links on that page to send them over to your Send Out Cards website where they actually buy the cards.

The Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool costs $19 per month.  When I first started using it, I told myself that I would try it out for one month, and if I didn’t like it, I would only be out $19.  But after one month of using it, I saw immediate results.  My traffic to my websites and blogs increased immediately.  So I have been using Jaaxy ever since.  What I did when I started using it, was go to my blogs and websites that I had already written.  I typed into Jaaxy what my main topic of the post was about.  Then I picked a better keyword phrase that had good traffic and low competition.  I changed my titles and headings, tags, and keywords accordingly.  Then I used to “ping” the page so Google would recrawl it and see that I made changes.  I then started getting traffic to these “better keyword phrases” and I started making more sales.  This keyword research tool has really helped explode my business.  I’m getting 120,000+ unique visitors from Google search results to my different product related pages and selling more products.  Now I am trying to spread to the word to other home business owners who need more website traffic and sales.  For me, it was as simple as changing words around.  Not using phrases that have a million other websites already written about them, but rather using the phrases that get 500 searches per month, but only have a few other competing websites.  

If you only have the distributor website and you can’t make any changes to it, then I would suggest you set up some free pages on a free writing platform like Squidoo, Wizzley, or Hubpages, using the keyword phrases you find from the keyword research tool.

How to market Send Out CardsHow to Market Send Out Cards

Try Out Jaaxy Here

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  2. Any business that wants to get and keep more customers certainly needs to keep in touch. Sending greeting cards is a great way. Send your customers a thank you, or thinking of you and NOT a sales type card.

    Appreciation wins over self promotion everytime.

    My own dentist uses SOC, and has for several years. After my husbands surgery, we sent him a photo card and some brownies. He loved it and now sends cards and gifts to his clients. He has a thriving business.

    Instead of spending a lot of money advertising, why not appreciate the customers you already have. Satisfied customers are the best sorts of getting more referrals and business.

  3. Hi Kim,

    Do you still use pingler? I’m not familiar with pinging services, it always sound like it’s only for blogs. Can it be used for things like pinterest boards? Can it just target a single page of a website? Or is there no option but to ping the entire site?

    • Yes, I still use Pingler. When I post a new page to one of my websites, I will use Pingler to ping that specific url (not the homepage). I find that it helps speed along the process of the Google bot crawling the new page. Usually within a few days I will see a visitor on my website stats that is from the Google bot. The sooner that page gets indexed by Google, the sooner they will start sending it traffic. I don’t usually use it for Pinterest boards, but it wouldn’t hurt. Just use the specific url of the page you want to ping. 🙂

  4. Hi Kim, how are you?

    Just started using Pingler yesterday and I can’t wait to see my page on Google already! May I ask, how long do you usually wait before Google crawls and lists a pinged page? And I see a column to fill in, it says “Title: (keyword)” so I put in the keywords from Jaaxy’s. Is that the way you always put it in or do you put in the full title?

    • Hi James,
      Sorry about the late reply, I was on vacation! For the title (keywords) on Pingler I just put the title, unless it is something really long and drawn out, then I will put a keyword phrase that I want this page to be found in Google for. For example, if the title of the blog post is “The 101 Best Toys for Toddlers that Parents will Love!” I will just put “Best Toys for Toddlers” for the title on Pingler, because that is a phrase I would be targeting. I hope that helps.

      • Thanks a lot Kim!

        Good to hear that you’re on vacation. It’s been ages since I’ve ever have a real one myself. How was it?

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