How to Make Money from your Mommy Blog

If you already have a mommy blog with a good reader base you can easily make money from it. This works best if you occasionally talk about a toy or kids product, or anything you bought or want to buy. For example a mommy blog with a good reader base that may occasionally post about a toy you bought your child and you talk about what you like and dislike about it. Or if on your blog it wouldn’t be out of character for you to write about how you saw these great outdoor throw pillows on sale at that you would love to buy for your patio set.

How can you easily make money from your mommy blog? By adding the automatic affiliate program from Viglink. Viglink will take links you already have on your website, even old posts, and if they partner with that merchant, they will automatically turn your link into an affiliate link. What’s an affiliate link? An affiliate link if where you link to a product or store and if the customer clicks over to the store, then buys something within a certain time frame you earn a commission. Some merchants will pay you a commission all the way up to 90 days past when the customer clicked on your link. Other merchants may only have a cookie time period of 24 hours. Many merchants will track it for 7 days, like eBay does.

Some of these affiliate stores pay you only when the customer buys something. However, there are some that participate in the Viglink program that pay you based on potential customers you send, so they pay you based on the “clicks” you send to their website.   These are the types of merchants who make it really easy to make money from your website.  Two of these stores that pay based on clicks are also two of my favorites to shop at – eBay and

So if you have a blog and you can feature a post that talks about a product you saw on eBay or Overstock, then you can easily earn money for every click you send them. Viglink is FREE to join, and you can choose to affiliate your links in a few different ways.

  • You can affiliate only links you put on your site, and only ones that are not already affiliated
  • You can affiliate any links on your site, even ones that may already be affiliate links.  This overrides any current affiliate links
  • You can have Viglink also insert links on your website.  For example, if you are talking about your ipad, Viglink will automatically turn that word into an affiliate link of where your readers can buy an ipad online.  Also every time you mention stores like eBay, the word will automatically turn into an afilliate link, as you see has been done here on Five Green Lizards.

I’ve been using Viglink for a little over a month now, and I’ve been very pleased with the results it’s given me.  May is not quite over yet, but here’s what my dashboard looks like for May.

Viglink Earnings Report May 2012

My first full month of Viglink earnings (with a few more days left to report in May), and so far I’ve earned $128.  That’s $128 in free money.  All I had to do was install the Viglink code into my websites.

How to get started with Viglink

You can sign up for Viglink for free here. Once you are signed up, you simply use the “install” screen in your dashboard to get the script you need to insert into your website.  You can also download the Viglink plugin from the WordPress plugins if you are using a wordpress blog.  Then, once the plugin is installed you simply need to enter your key number into the setting.  You can find this number under the “install” screen.  Then set up your preferences for what you want Viglink to do on your dashboard under “features”.   Designate whether you want it to reaffiliate your links, and turn on the link insertion option if you want that.  I use the link insertion option.

Then I would make a post on your blog about an eBay product you like.  This will get you some clicks over to eBay.  Once your website shows some clickouts to eBay, email Viglink support that you want your eBay links to be affiliated.  They will look at your stats and approve you for the eBay program as soon as they see you are sending eBay traffic.  eBay is the only merchant you have to get approved by Viglink to have it monetized.  All the other merchants will be monetized automatically.

You can check to see which stores participate in the Viglink program, by “Tools” “Coverage” page here: .  I wish they would give a complete list of all the stores that participate, but right now they don’t.  However, I did find online a post that talks about the top 500 mass merchant stores that participate in Viglink.

What type of blog posts will make money?

Because it’s easier to get paid for “clicks” you send rather than for actual purchases, I suggest you start with some posts that feature an item on eBay or because both of these merchants pay based on clicks.  You need to stay within the topic of your blog.  For example if you commonly talk about your kids toys, then write a post about a toy your child loves, then link to where you can buy it on eBay.  If your blog talks a lot about your cooking or kitchen items, then maybe you could write a post about your favorite kitchen gadget, and link to where it’s on sale on either eBay or Overstock (or both).

A specific write up about one product you actually use works best.  For example, my kids got an indoor cardboard playhouse for Christmas from their aunt.  A wrote up a webpage on Squidoo about it, complete with pictures and a YouTube video I took of my kids playing in it.  A wrote about how easy it was to set up and then listed links to where you can buy it online at eBay and Amazon.  I wrote the post in January and I’ve sold 15+ cardboard playhouses since then, earning me about $30.  That might not sound like much, but that will be about $65 over the course of the year.  And that post might keep earning that year after year.  Imagine if each of your blog posts could earn you $50 a year.  One hundred different posts like this might make you an extra $5000 per year.

This is exactly the type of thing you can write about on your mommy blog.  A personal review of a toy or product that you have bought or your kids love.   Even posting about the carseat or stroller your baby uses and why you like or dislike it.  Then link to where people can buy it on eBay or BabiesRUs.   New parents are always looking for personal reviews on baby items and suggestions for baby toys and baby gear.   You’ll get sales from personal recommendations.  And if you link to ebay or overstock, you’ll get paid for clicks, even when people don’t even buy it.

How to Get Traffic to Your Mommy Blog

If you are trying to get more traffic to your mommy blog, then I would suggest using a keyword research tool. What’s a keyword research tool? It tells you what phrases to use that have the BEST chance of getting your page ranked on the first page of Google. This will give you immediate FREE traffic from Google, bringing your targeted visitors who are looking exactly for the information that you are writing about.

For example, for the blog post I’m writing about now, I wanted to find an audience of people who are looking to make money from their mommy blog. My post is mainly about Viglink. However, I didn’t title my post “Viglink”, instead I titled it “How to Make Money from your Mommy Blog“. If someone is searching Google for how to make money with their mommy blog, they are NOT going to type into Google “Viglink”. They don’t even know what it is or that is can help them earn money on their mommy blog. But they will type into Google “How to Make Money from your Mommy Blog“. In fact, 128 people search for this exact keyword phrase per month, and only 6 others websites have this in their title. I’m trying to reach those 128 people. My keyword research tool can tell me that that phrase is better to use than just “money from your blog” which get a ton of traffic, but is so oversaturated with competition from other websites, there would be NO WAY I could get on the first page of Google for that keyword phrase. So I picked one that I feel like I can rank for “How to Make Money from your Mommy Blog“. Give it a few weeks and we’ll see where I rank.

The keyword research tool that I use costs $19 per month. But it makes me 100x that in the revenue I earn because my webpages use keywords that get me traffic. In fact, my Squidoo pages bring in more than 125,000 unique visitors per month. And most of those are very targeted traffic of people looking exactly for what my pages are talking about. I can achieve this by using my keyword research tool to tell me which phrases have good traffic, but more importantly, which phrase have LOW COMPETITION from other websites, making it easy for me to rank on the first page of Google for my selected keywords. How would your business grow if your website was on the first page of Google?

When I first started using Jaaxy, I told myself that I would pay for a month, spending the $19, and if I didn’t feel like it provided me value, then I would cancel my subscription and only be out the $19. I tried it for a month and I LOVED it, and saw an immediate increase in my traffic when I changed some of my titles and headings to be phrases that the keyword research tool told me were good. I immediately increased my traffic on my existing pages and I’ve used it ever since to get good traffic on my new pages.

You can join Jaaxy here:

How to get traffic to your mommy blogHow to get traffic to your mommy blog

Leave me a comment below and share with us what type of things you typically talk about on your mommy blog.  Let’s brainstorm ideas of how you could monetize your mommy blog by talking about products or toys related to your blog.


2 comments on “How to Make Money from your Mommy Blog

  1. Hi- thanks so much for the great article- found you on Squidoo. Am a Mom and am interested in starting a Mom Blog focusing on the same types of things you do.
    Will try and reach you via fb, too. Wondering what your thoughts are on Skimlinks? Have heard Vigilink is a bit tricker, but can make a bit more money. Am in R & D mode with all of this, so am still trying to learn wordpress, etc.
    Also, do you think it is better to override your direct affiliate links with Vigilink? Can you separate your affiliates out if one is performing well on its own?
    Am I understanding it correctly?

  2. I haven’t used Skimlinks. I signed up with them, but it was a two week process to get approved for eBay links to be affiliated, and Viglink approved my eBay links the same day I emailed support, so I went with Viglink.

    As far as overriding your affiliate links already on your page: I don’t. However, I could see where if you are an Amazon affiliate on your own, but you only make a few sales a month and you are at the 4.5% commission rate, then it might be beneficial to over ride the links. Viglink, because of volume, I’m assuming would be at the top tier, earning 8.5%. Even after their cut of 25%, you’d still be earning 6.375%. I don’t override mine because I usually sell enough to be at the 7% commission tier for Amazon.

    But I really haven’t thought about if any of the other merchants I have links with have a higher commission with more sales.

    Most of my Viglink earnings come from eBay clicks. That’s why I joined Viglink in the first place. I applied three times to get approved with the eBay Partner Network and kept getting denied. And I have some blogs that focus on eBay products, so I was searching for a way to monetize that traffic I was already sending to eBay. For me, it’s worked out well.

    You can separate out different websites, but not different affiliates. So you could get an id that for one website, it will have a separate tracking code, and you can set the setting NOT to override your links. Then you could get another id for another website, and set the setting on that one to override. Then for other websites you have, you can either use one of those two IDs, or set up a new one.

    If you tell it NOT to override your affiliate links, it just leaves them in place the way they are, but you can still have it INSERT links. So if you type the words eBay, it automatically turns that into a link. But if you already have a link in place with an affiliate link relationship, it won’t change it.

    Hope that helps!

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