I love Christmas Shopping Season with Amazon Associates Program

Just a quick post to say how much I love Christmas Shopping Season!  It’s the best time of year for affiliate marketers who promote products, especially toys and items that are typically given as gifts for Christmas.  When I logged in this morning to check my Amazon Affiliate earnings from yesterday, I had nice surprise with 50 sales that shipped, earning me commissions of $96.56.  That’s almost $100 in one day, and that’s just from Amazon!

Amazon Associates Income Report Online


Most of my Amazon links are on my Squidoo lenses, so this is just another extension of my income from Squidoo, which are free webpages you can build.  And the Amazon Associates program is totally free also.  So don’t let anyone tell you that you have to spend money to make money online.  You can set things up on free resources like Squidoo and link to products on Amazon to earn you money online from home.  (Update – Squidoo has been acquired by Hubpages)

Here’s an example of one of my Squidoo lenses that consistently earns me money from Amazon.   Last year my sister gave my two little kids this playhouse for Christmas.  I took pictures of how easy it was to set up, and took a video of them playing in the playhouse.  I uploaded the video to YouTube and now, less than a year later, it has more than 7,000 views.  I made sure to add an Amazon link to the product in the YouTube description.   I also added links to where you can buy that specific playhouse on Amazon directly to the Squidoo page, as well as other similar cardboard playhouses.

I used the Jaaxy Keyword Research tool to pick the exact url and title of the page “Cardboard Indoor Playhouses for Kids”.   I believe that I combined a few different good phrases to come up with that.  I think both “cardboard playhouses for kids” and “indoor playhouses for kids” were good keywords, so I combined them into “Cardboard Indoor Playhouses for Kids” so I would get traffic for both people searching for “cardboard” and “indoor” playhouses.  I also got ideas for different section of the page from the Jaaxy keyword research results.  For example, the list gave me suggestions for castle playhouses and pirate ship playhouses.

So make sure to get out your camera and photograph any toys you set up for your kids for Christmas.  Many customers want to know how easy or hard it was to set up a product before they buy.  And they want real reviews from real people who have owned the product, both good and bad.  So document with photos and video your kids Christmas loot this year, and then make some new pages about them, linking to where customers can buy them on Amazon.  Hopefully you’ll have some sales throughout the year, and next Christmas time you’ll be ready with some great product review pages to make you some money.

PS…I’m cracking up at how aweful my daughter’s hair looks in this video! I can’t even remember her being that little! I guess I need to make more videos so they become a living “scrapbook”!


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