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Five Green Lizards Make Money Online Welcome to FiveGreenLizards.com where I will be talking about all kinds of things relating to the journey of our family of five, making money online, while we live in Arizona.

This website is going to be my sounding board to talk about a lot of different topics, but mainly it will about what we are doing to make money online.  Are we making a full time living from our online incomes?  Not yet!  But that is our long term goal!

Right now, as I start to write this blog, we are making about $2500 from our online sources.  Which is literally nothing compared to some of the people who are making money online at home like Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income.  His detailed monthly income reports are just amazing, and we are learning a lot from his success.

Primarily, the website will be written by me, Kim Ann, work at home mother of three kids.  I have a Bachelor’s degree in Education, a Master’s Degree in Fitness & Wellness Management, but have been a stay home mom for most of the last 7 years since we moved to Arizona from Nebraska.  Prior to that I was a Program Director at a YMCA, and prior to that I worked in the Athletic Department of a university, which is where I met my husband.  Before that I coached women’s basketball at the collegiate level while getting my Master’s Degree, and am a former college basketball player myself.

Currently I am working online doing a variety of things.  My main sources of income include

  • Small Business Marketing and Website Management for my family’s local business
  • Affiliate Marketing through Amazon Associates, Commission Junctions, Linkshare, Pepperjam, Zazzle, and other affiliate marketing networks.
  • Writing for revenue sharing websites like Squidoo, Hubpages, Wizzley, Best-Reviewer, and a few other places.  By far I make the most money (of these revenue sharing sites) from Squidoo, but I also have the most pages there.  You can read more about my journey to making more than $1000 per month on Squidoo here:  Make Money with Squidoo



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