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Five Green Lizards Make Money Online Welcome to FiveGreenLizards.com where I will be talking about all kinds of things relating to the journey of our family of five, making money online, while we live in Arizona.

This website is going to be my sounding board to talk about a lot of different topics, but mainly it will about what we are doing to make money online.  Are we making a full time living from our online incomes?  Not yet!  But that is our long term goal!  Right now, as I start to write this blog, we are making about $2500 from our online sources.  When I started writing this blog I was making about $2500 from my online income sources.  Fast forward to early 2013 and I am now making between $4000 – $6000 per month.

Primarily, the website will be written by me, Kim, work at home mother of three kids.  I have a Bachelor’s degree in Education, a Master’s Degree in Fitness & Wellness Management, but have been a stay home mom for most of the last decade since we moved to Arizona from Nebraska.  Prior to that I was a Program Director at a YMCA, and prior to that I worked in the Athletic Department of a university, which is where I met my husband.  Before that I coached women’s basketball at the collegiate level while getting my Master’s Degree, and am a former college basketball player myself (that’s why my avatar is palming a basketball!)

Currently I am working online doing a variety of things.  My main sources of income include

  • Zazzle – Zazzle is a print on demand company that allows individual designers to upload designs onto thousands of products.  When the product sells, Zazzle manufacturers the product and ships it to the customer.  I designing graphics for iPhone cases, laptop sleeves, stickers, invitations, wall clocks, and more.  When the product sells, Zazzle makes the product and handles all customer service with the customer and payments.  I earn a royalty and they send me my royalty earnings once a month.  It’s extremely hands off.  Once I make a design or photograph and upload it to the products, I am done.   It has become my main source of income since 2013.  What I like most about it is that, unlike a brick and mortar retail store,  I can have thousands of products for sale, but I don’t have to employ people to run my store.  Zazzle’s employees handle EVERYTHING about fulfilling the customer’s orders.  All I do is create the design and post the product for sale online.  Zazzle handles the rest.  It harnesses the power of the internet allowing me to make sales over and over again, but not having to do any additional work beyond creating the design and posting it for sale.  
  • Residual Passive Income from Cash Back Websites
  • Small Business Marketing and Website Management for my family’s local business
  • Affiliate Marketing through Amazon Associates Program, Zazzle, ShareaSale and other affiliate marketing networks.    I use Weebly to create simple websites with affiliate products on them.  I use Jaaxy to choose popular keywords and determine what my titles of pages and my tags should be, so that I get the most traffic from Google.
  • Writing for revenue sharing websites like Hubpages, Wizzley, Best-Reviewer, and a few other places.

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  1. Hello! This is Laura again and I posted something on this site a few weeks ago under the Viglinks post. Didn’t realize you had responded so thank you! I want to sign up with Viglinks and the other passive income sources you recommend, and set up my site successfully, but I feel like I still have such a huge learning curve even after reading your posts. One of my daughters is interested in setting up a site, and I want her to be successful, too, of course. Think you mentioned you have a son who is working on a site so that is encouraging to hr. Wondering if you ever Skype, and would be willing to set-up a mini-consultation- even for 15 minutes or so? I could pay you a minimal consulting fee. I just opened up a PayPal account. If we set-up Viglinks ,will you get a % of sales or anything else we sign-up with under you? Maybe that would help? I am not a techie, and nobody in our family is either so trying to figure everything out is tough. Have been looking for a reasonable webmaster we could consult with on Skype with one-on-one tutorials, but they are either too expensive, too far away or seem a bit too untrustworthy. We live in Los Angeles, so if you are interested at all or if there is anyone you can refer me to I would be so grateful. Maybe it would work out for you, too. I know you mentioned somewhere (I think you did) that you were going to update your book so I was just waiting on that. My daughters are out for summer so we are around a lot for the next few months. Let us know, and hope all is well. Laura

    • Hi Laura,

      I got your comment on FiveGreenLizards.com. My suggestion is that if you are just starting out, and you’re not a techie, then I would start my making one page “lenses” on Squidoo.com, until you get the hang of writing about topics (using the Jaaxy keyword research tool) that gets traffic and you can successfully make a new page, get traffic to it, and start making sales. The reason I suggest using Squidoo first is because

      1. It’s free
      2. They handle all the “techie” website stuff. If there is a problem with the server or a computer bug or something, they fix it.
      3. It’s easy. They have an easy template.
      4. Google likes Squidoo. It’s much easier to get a page on Squidoo ranked in Google then it is to get traffic to your own brand new website. Like a thousand times easier. If I had to do it all over again, I would still start out on Squidoo. That ‘s where I learned everything.

      As opposed to using your own website where you have to pay for it, you have to handle all the problems with it, and you are the one to blame and have to fix it if the entire website crashes. I struggle sometimes myself with how to even run my own websites. I started on Squidoo and then once I was consistently making $1000 per month on Squidoo, that’s when I branched off to do my own websites.

      You can sign up for Squidoo for free. You can have one account that both you and your daughter work on, or you can do what I do with my son and have more than one account, with one designated as being the one your daughter gets the earnings from. You basically just need an email address and a Paypal account to start on Squidoo.

      If you use this link to sign up for Squidoo I will get $5 when you earn your first $15. http://www.fivegreenlizards.com/squidoo

      You can read my Squidoo page here ( no longer available) that gives a ton of tips about how to make money on Squidoo. Email consultation works best for me, because I have two little ones that are always running around screaming in the background, so I don’t think Skype would work very well for me. But I am available by email and also my business facebook account is http://www.facebook.com/kann.laird

      Viglink works really good is you are specifically promoting eBay items. But like I said that involves buying a website domain and knowing how to set it up on Bluehost and maintaining it. And what I have done is started my own websites AFTER I had written about the same topics on Squidoo and found out with topics and phrases gave me the most traffic on Squidoo and the most sales. Then I made my own websites from that research. So I would definently start out for FREE on Squidoo. Then if you have a topic that is making good traffic and good sales then I venture into trying to do your own website. But believe me, it’s much easier to get ranked in Google from a Squidoo page then it is using your stand alone website. And if your Squidoo page can’t get found in Google, then you know not to go after that topic with your own website.

      And actually many of my revenue streams (Zazzle, Amazon Associates, Google Affiliate Network, and some others) are actually derived from my Squidoo pages. The links to the products are on my Squidoo lenses. So Squidoo is actually a huge part of my online income.

  2. Hi Kim,
    Have loved reading your squidoo lenses, you are a great inspiration. Just a quick question, Do you recommend Jaxxy over market Samurai, You did say that MS was a bit clunky and was not available for use on your phone etc, I have MS and find its very good but just wondering if the amount of success you have is credited to Jaxxy…..and alot of hard work…And how are you going with the ebook and is Lisa’s book available anywhere else on the web ??? Would love to follow in your footsteps so if you ever need a guinea pig i will put both my hands up and say pick me…..Thank you so much for your help.

    • Thanks so much for the kind words, Shelley, I appreciate it. I like Jaaxy better for me personally. But some of that is because I work from different computers all the time, and also use my phone, iPad, and Kindle Fire. So I like to be able to do a quick search on Jaaxy without having 1) be on my computer that has MS installed 2) wait for the program to load 3) cross my fingers it doesn’t make my clunky computer crash. However, MS has a lot more features that Jaaxy does. So it probably personal preference. If you are using MS and it’s working for you just fine, Jaaxy doesn’t offer anything that MS isn’t already giving you. For me, Jaaxy is just quicker and easier to use.

      I’m not aware of Lisa’s book being available anywhere else on the web. Squidoo asked her to stop selling it because someone else was doing a lot of spamming promoting her book (she had an affiliate program with it). I haven’t been making too many new Squidoo lenses other than what I’ve been working on for a Zazzle project I’m working on, but her points were very helpful. One section that really helped was about writing about “trending” products and “brand new” products. Even before they come out. One example of this is to make a lens about a popular movie before it even comes out, because once it’s a hit, everyone wants to buy the toys, clothing, etc.

      I plan to do more writing about my projects and what’s working and not working for me, I just haven’t had time. I would also love to mentor some people, but right now my plate is too full. But I will look you up when I’m ready! In the meantime, keep writing, writing, writing!!!

      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Thanks for replying Kim…REALLY appreciate your advice, You mentioned Lisa wrote about products etc before they became popular. Did she have a way or a formula to use for identifying these?
    I know what you mean about having a full plate. I can imagine for you just maintaining all your sites etc would be a full time job…How many hours do you/should you dedicate to squidoo lenses etc. Or should i say if you want to create what you have created how many hours should you dedicate????
    what would be your best piece of advice apart from the obvious keep writing…lol …just got a visual of my husband waking in the morning with writing all over him…weird imagination i know…heehee….As i think of questions i will fire them to you but not to bombard you. The questions will be good food for thought for your book.
    Once again thankyou heaps.
    Nelson NZ

    • Lisa’s ebook said she would get ideas for brand new products when she would first see an advertisement on TV. Especially around Christmas time. You could make lenses on the top new toys in the toy catalogs too.

      I’ve also had good luck writing about TV shows when they first come out. When a show is advertised to come out you can make a lens talking about when it will premier, and how excited you are. Then write about each episode. Sometimes, these shows will get really popular and their will be products launched to go along with the shows. Sometimes, you’ll also be highly ranked just because you wrote about the show first, and you’ll get good traffic. On Squidoo you can earn $50 a month for a lens that’s ranked below 2,000 lensrank for the month. I have a few that have made a few hundred dollars each in the past 9 months just based on their lensrank. You can also link out to episodes on Amazon Instant Video and also link to any Season 1 DVDs when they come out.

      As far as hours goes, obviously the more the better. However, I find that it’s really important WHAT you do with your time. It’s a lot different to spend 3 hours reading blog posts, looking at your stats, and thinking about what you should do…compared to spending 1 hour actually making a new lens. Be as productive as you can. A person who only has 1 hour per day to work on their business, could create one new lens per day, and be more productive and make more money than someone who has 4 hours per day and wastes most of it doing non-money making tasks.

      I find that it really helps me to make goal lists. Like make 20 new lenses, complete with a 20 blank lines that I fill in as I make the new lens. This gives me an actual work task to get done. Then I find myself staying on track and working really hard until my goal is reached. And make both big goals (make 100 Squidoo lenses) and small goals (make 5 new lenses this week).

      As for me, I would consider what I do right now as full time. But I know not everyone has that kind of time available to them. So look at your day and see where you can squeeze in one hour of work. Do you watch TV? Can you work for one hour instead of watching TV or while watching TV? I do a lot of creating of new Zazzle products while watching TV in the evening after the little kids are in bed. Can you get up one hour earlier and squeeze in an hour of work before the rest of the house is up? Silence makes for productive time! And remember the more content you write and put out there, the more opportunity you have for income.

      • I also wanted to add that I’ve probably been working “full-time” at this for at least the last year. So my 40K I’ll probably make this year really isn’t that significant. BUT, I honestly expect my income to DOUBLE next year, with that same full time effort. Every new page I write and new product I put up for sale on Zazzle makes me a new income stream. And the income will continue to “drip into the bucket”. And so will the next page I make. And the next page. And soon I have hundreds of pages “dripping a little bit of income” into my bucket. I continue to earn money from the old stuff I wrote a year ago, and now my new stuff is making money too. So in the beginning, you are making like 1 cent an hour, but in the end you might be making thousands an hour. I can’t get a raise like that at a traditional job!

  4. Hi Kim.
    I used your affiliate link and subscribed to Jaaxy..Just a little thank you for being so helpful.
    I am setting myself a 90 day challenge. Will add your site to my lense by a link if thats ok with you. I can promote who the nice people are that give helpful info…. :0) I too am a fan of Pat Flynn, Wouldnt the world be great if we had more people like him.
    Will be back in touch with progress and possibly questions.
    Thanks for your advice its very much appreciated.
    kind regards
    New zealand

    • Thanks so much Shelley! Let me know how your 90 day challenge is going! I’m so glad you found some encouragement/direction from my blog. That’s the whole point of me writing it! I fumbled along for a long time before I got to this point. My goal is that other people can skip all that “wandering around not knowing what to do” phase and just start with things that have worked for others!

  5. Hi I was turned on to your blog by a friend of mine . I’m very interested in learning how to do this . What’s the first step I need to take ? When it comes to this internet /tech thing .. Well let’s just say calling myself a beginner would be a total understatement 🙂 any advice would be greatly appreciated .. Thanks !

    • Welcome Trish! Hmmmmm, where to start???? Do you have any particular hobbies or interests that you really enjoy? Sometimes it’s easiest to get started in a subject matter that you are interested in. Or do you have particular skills that family or friends come to you to ask for help? For example, are you a coupon queen, or do your friends ask you to show them how to ____________? Make a list of things you like, things you are good at, and things that people commonly ask you for help with. Also, many times the thing you do at your current or former job, are skills that can be marketed and “sold” online in one way or another.

      I highly recommend reading the book called “Click Millionaires” by Scott Fox. Don’t let the title fool you. It’s not a get rich quick book, but rather a really interesting book with case studies about regular people who turned their interests and passions into an online business that makes at least $50,000 per year. Reading some of their stories might help you get an idea of what direction to go. Once you have a topic or subject matter in mind, I can give you some more direction! 🙂

  6. Hello,
    My name is Aniket Basu. I am 22 years old, about to start working. Around six months back I started at Zazzle. So when I looked around for information on the subject, your website seemed the most up to date and useful. It helped me out a lot and I even looked into using the Jaxxy keyword software thanks to you. Now over the last month, I worked on a website, http://www.quotesunleashed.com via which I could market my Zazzle products, which mainly deals with Graphic Quotes. I am also writing a post about what I learned on Zazzle and I wanted to send a link to your website. I wanted to know if I had your permission to do that.
    Thanking you,

  7. Dear Kim,

    I noticed that you have been paying to host your websites. May I ask why don’t you use the free version provided by weebly? Does the extra domain extension (like the extra “.weebly.com” at the end) have bad effects to the website/s?

    • Hi James,
      At some point in time Weebly offered up to 10 free websites on one account, and it was during that time that I started using them. I like the more professional look of my own domain name as opposed to the long url with the weebly extension. Personally, I think that shoppers perceive it to be more legit. I still have those 10 sites that are all on one account, but I only pay hosting for one domain. I guess my account was grandfathered in to the old deal. They don’t offer that option any longer, but it was a good compromise for me at the time, instead of having to pay hosting for each and every site.

  8. Hi Kim,

    I noticed something not right with Jaaxy, at least when using the free trial. I’m wondering if only the paid version gives the true results. If you don’t mind can you search for the term “crop tee” on your side? Strangely on my side it says the QSR amount is ZERO even when there are plenty of quoted results on Google.

    • Hi James,
      When I searched in the paid version, it shows 212 for the QSR. It gives a yellow dot, meaning it’s OK for the keyword quality indicator (green is best); and the SEO score is 72 (100 is best).

        • If you don’t mind me asking, was there at any time that you encounter some rare cases where Jaaxy’s research would return a great keyword (lets say like, 500 avg score and 99 seo score) but you yourself didn’t get much benefit out of it?

          I’m curious since I see from Google’s own tool that their equivalent avg score differs a lot from Jaaxy’s (sometimes higher sometimes lower).

          • I know Google has more specifics you can add to narrow the search, like date range and specific location of the searches. Depending on your settings, that might account for some of the differences. Usually the 99 seo scores do well for me. However, I don’t normally rely just on one keyword phrase. I use the best keyword phrase for the page title, but then I try to dig deep into the related suggestions to get 5 or 6 good phrases that have decent scores and add them to my tags, descriptions, and the article text.

  9. About Google, I don’t use any filters since I don’t really know how to use yet. There is just one keyword so far that kept bugging me and got me sceptical. I forgot the exact word but when I type in both tools Jaaxy returned avg score of >100 but Google says nobody searched for it.

    I suppose I might be a bit too paranoid, I’m still too new to all this. I guess the only way to really know is to actually use the word to the fullest. That is, if I do manage to recollect the word…

    Anyway, I have just tested the free Jaaxy with a phone instead of a desktop PC and that crop tee keyword turned out correctly. Kinda weird, not sure what really happened there.

    Thanks for all the replies, Kim! Still trying to finish reading all your past posts, reading in reverse timelines lol!

  10. Hello! I had only one product up (as a test) on Zazzle for over a year, and I sold 35 pacifiers! I work as a graphic designer/copywriter, so this is definitely in my wheelhouse…I’ve been building my store, and would welcome any and all input or critiques of my stuff…not wild about my store name, but will be building more stores after I get this one moving… feel free to check it out at http://www.zazzle.com/funneestuff – thanks in advance for any input…this is not meant as a post to promote! Bill

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