May 2013 Online Income Earnings Report

Here’s my May 2013 Online Earnings Report, which is a summary of how much I made online for the month of May. These are payments I received this month from various merchants, and represent the commissions I earned during the month of March. I know this report should have been posted weeks ago, but having 3 kids home for the summer is driving me nuts! :)

My Zazzle income continues to increase each month, and this payment is about $1200 more than what I received last month. But in the beginning of June, Zazzle announced some big changes to it’s volume bonus structure, which will affect me a lot in a negative way. Starting July 1st, Zazzle will only pay out Volume Bonus money for items you refer to Zazzle using your referral id link. These happen when you post a Zazzle product on your own blog or website, or share on Pinterest or Facebook, and the links have your referral id number attached to them. Prior to the change, Zazzle would pay you a bonus on any sales that you made from your store or marketplace, as long as someone else did not refer that sale (send the shopper through their referral link). About half of my sales qualified for volume bonus every month, and in June (to be paid out in August), my volume bonus alone more than $2700! I will be losing most of that volume bonus with this new structure. However, if you want to promote Zazzle products instead of just create them, or if you want to do a combination of the two, I’ve got some great ideas of how we could collaborate.

I’m thinking of putting together batches of html codes that you guys can just grab and copy/paste into your websites/blogs of my best selling items on Zazzle. You would change the referral id number to your own, and stick it on your website and you could earn 15% referral commission plus volume bonus. I would earn my royalty percentage on my design. Most of my royalties are in the 10% area, so you would actually be making quite a bit more than me. It would be a quick and easy way for you to get products onto websites, earning you an affiliate commission. I was thinking maybe I could release new batches of html code at least once a week. It would be a easy post for you. You would just need to write up your own paragraph description about it so Google would value it as unique content. What do you think? Let me know in the comments if you are interested.

Ok, without further delay, here’s my May income report.

2013 Paid Earnings
(month earned)
(March ’12)
Zazzle $2931.62
Squidoo $909.26
Local Small Biz Marketing $1248.75
Mr Rebates $325.49
Amazon $281.37
Google Affiliate
Network & Adsense
Viglink $224.33
Jaaxy affiliate $112
Commission Junction $0
Ebates (pays quarterly) $0
Misc $0
TOTAL $6032.82

As expected, my Squidoo is decreasing due to having tons of lenses locked. I am no longer putting any effort into Squidoo. Whatever it makes, it makes. Next month it will continue to decrease. However, my Zazzle income is increasing faster than I could ever have imagined. I’m continuing to focus my efforts here. I have been doing a lot of wedding invitations, which are big money makers because one order might be 100 invites and 100 RSVP cards at a time (or more). So instead of just selling on little $19 item, I’m selling an order worth hundreds.

I am currently looking for people to help market my wedding invitations. The commission on these are really good. One sale averages about $200 in sales, so a referral commission on just one sale averages about $30 plus volume bonus (since you referred the sale with your referral id number). I’m looking for people to pin my products, share on facebook, tweet, and also post the html codes on their websites and blogs showing the invitations. My best sellers are in the rustic country niche, so if you think you can promote this niche, see my invites at and

If you want to see an example of a website I set up to promote my Zazzle invitations on the free version of Weebly, you can stop over at and see what I’ve done. This site is brand new and could use some love. Feel free to share it on facebook, pinterest, etc and use it as an example of what you can do with a free website (I paid for the domain name only).  Tip* You can save money on the domain name by buying it through GoDaddy and then using the option when you create your Weebly site that says “I already have my own domain name”.  I bought my domain for $3.99.  And of course I used Mr Rebates first to get cash back on my purchase.

I have many more pages I will be adding, and also I’m going to start writing blog posts for more content. But you could build a similar site that features my invites (they are selling really well right now), and put your own paragraphs of text on there and start promoting it. Of course you will insert your own affiliate links. If you are interested in me providing all the html code for you, so you just have to copy and paste, I WILL! (just leave me a comment below).  I just need people to help me market my stuff – and you earn 15% plus volume bonus on any sales.  And for this site I didn’t use BlueHost or anything.  I just used the free version of Weebly.  Let me know what you think!

I’m hoping to have my June earnings posted sometime over the 4th of July holiday.  My hubby should be home to watch the kids so I’m sure I can sneak off for a bit to post my June report!  Hope all is well with everyone…leave a comment and let us know how your month went.



19 comments on “May 2013 Online Income Earnings Report

  1. Oh my. My head is spinning right now!

    First off, I’ve got just under $6 in earnings from Zazzle in total so far this year. After adding lots of products, I had to focus my time on my Etsy shop. Even though I know that Zazzle and other things online could make me a significant amount more money, I don’t have the time to wait for them to ramp up. So basically, right now I’m going through life stamping out whichever fire is hottest. I would really love to get more into different types of IM and be able to stop making things to sell. It’s a lot of work for not nearly enough money. I just don’t see how I can make that transition right now between my etsy shop (and needing to earn at least $2k/mo), my kids (one who has a minor physical disability and I have to do therapy with him 3x/day and take him to doctors and his OT), we homeschool, and just regular life.

    I don’t mean to complain. Things will be a lot better in about year. In the meantime, I do what if can.

    If I had a blog, I’d totally promote your Zazzle products. But I do have twitter and Pinterest accounts, so I’d be happy to promote that way. For some reason, i thought Pinterest stripped out affiliate links. But i could be wrong.

    How would you let people know what you want to promote? Feel free to email me.

    I hadn’t been to Zazzle in a while. I see that they redid the site and it changed the modifications I had made. Gotta go see if I can at least get my banner back up!

    • Yeah, the redesign has thrown me for a loop. I don’t have a new banner up yet for any of my stores. I’m trying to fix some of my best sellers product descriptions for brides can find the matching RSVP cards, etc. Most of the product description is now hidden and they can’t see my matching products. So right now, that’s what I’m working on first.

      I’m working on a page to give html codes to affiliates here:

    • For Pinterest I use the share button on the Zazzle product page, and as long as you are logged in to your Zazzle account, your referral id number should automatically be included. When I share using the button on the Zazzle page, my referral id # has been staying on there fine. Even when I go back and check weeks later, it’s still there. So I think as long as you use the share button on the product page it should work OK.

  2. …and the tier structure has changed for the volume bonus for referrers. It’s harder to make more, but at the same time – it makes sense what they’ve done.

    There’s a video on YouTube about how easy it is to pin a Zazzle product with your own referral link. I’m not sure how you are with making videos, but now would be a great time to make a new video for the updated look of Zazzle. I’m no good with making videos, but I’m sure you can help generate some links to your products or specific stores in the description area. Plus, Google, YouTube and AdSense can come together and since YouTube is Google’s – you know they already like each other.

    If I were comfortable making videos, I’d be making mini-tutorials for affiliates. Showing them how easy it is and where to find the code and how to maneuver the site. All the other videos up are outdated since the change in appearance. But I’m not, so I won’t be. Maybe you’d like to?

    • …and I’m going to go check out weebly. I’ll be doing “free” first, but I’m going to try and start with some products of mine and I’ll also have some of yours. I’ll post “here”-ish when I figure out it works.

      • Do you have designs that include:
        Save the date

        It’s been very helpful that you have the invite/rsvp (whichever is called for) in the description of the other. Since I’m only 2 invites in, I thought I’d ask. Nothing is published, it isn’t a rush. I’ll probably search out other items to fill the void.

        Oh and for anyone who does promote and uses the Share > HTML at the Zazzle site: Please notice that the last link in the HTML does not have your referral ID. You can add it in manually or delete that portion of the code. I delete to help decrease the number of links per post.

        • I used to have all matching items in the descriptions, but now with Zazzle’s new design, the product descriptions are truncated and it doesn’t show all the matching items unless you click on the “see more” link. Most of my invites just have invitation and rsvp card. I’m in the process right now of making these links easier to find since Zazzle redesign, and also adding matching postage for my best sellers. Invites come with plain white envelopes, so custom envelopes are on my list of “to-dos”, but not a priority right now.

          I’m working on a page listing html codes for affiliates to use here:

          • Okay, thank you. Yes, I had found the “matches” by clicking on ‘see more’, remembering from looking before at your pages.

            I haven’t looked into changing up the templates before, but it used to be you had a button that would search for, let’s say iPhone 5 covers. If you’re still able to do that, can you also add your own referral link to the end of the zazzle search term button?

            Just thinking out loud, because I’ll have to play with it later.

  3. Hey Klaird I have 6000 products up with only $5 pending this month do you think I should continue regardless or try another tactic

    • I wish I could wave a magic wand and say that “if you do this…you will earn this”, but unfortunately that’s not how it works. I think you need to pick one avenue and commit to working on that until you get “xxxxx” number of products up for sale, or until you reach some goal you have set. Every time you shift gears and start another way to make money, you are starting over at the beginning. I’ve been working on this Zazzle stuff for about 8 months straight now, and my earnings are now growing very rapidly. But I tend to do tons of tons of work and then turn around to see what sticks and works well. Have you tried marketing your own Zazzle products? Are you sharing them on Pinterest, your own blogs, etc?

      • I got two sales straight after writing this comment, I will try promotion using a Weebly blog and see what happens anyway I sure dont want to look back in 8 months and think I should have soldiered through instead of procrastinating

  4. I would love to promote some of your products. I have tried my own designs on Zazzle and I find it takes me ages to come up with something and then I get no sales. I would rather plug something that is selling. I have just started a new blog on Blogger on wedding invitations and hopefully I will be able to get some traffic to it.

    I would love if you could get some links for me.

  5. This is totally off the subject of Zazzle but I’m wondering what you are doing with the local small biz marketing and how many clients do you have?

    • For the local small business marketing I only have one client. I basically built them a website and I do all their marketing for them, which includes craigslist ads, directory listing all over the internet, backpage ads, sometimes Google ads. I learned all kinds of things about how to get found in Google for certain keyword phrases when I started doing their marketing. Basically I self taught myself all kinds of SEO (search engine optimization) tactics and how keyword research can help. I’m paid a flat rate per new customer, plus a % of one time work they do. This works well for local businesses that are in service related industries and traditionally don’t have their own website. Since so many people turn to Google when they need to find a company to do something, for example, find a plumbing company to put in a new water heater, or to hire a landscaper, etc, helping these businesses get found online can be viable income source.

  6. Hi dear, i have came to your website before as well but couldnt comment due to some technical issues. However i found you again and just wished to say ‘Awesome’ to you, you are simply great when it comes to earning money online. I have learnt a lot from you. You would be surprised that one of your zazzle products ‘mason jar wedding invite’ was pinned by me on my pinterest account and it has received lots of pins and likes. This was done unknowingly though and when today i saw your zazzle weddings i was like ‘hey isnt this product which is receiving lots of pins’ and it belongs to you. So i am pretty sure you would earn more from these invites.

    • Thanks for the nice comment and thanks for the share on Pinterest. Make sure that pin has YOUR Zazzle referral id number added on the back of the link so you get a referral commission if anyone buys something on Zazzle after following your pin! :)

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