My Best Selling Product Types on Zazzle during the Christmas Holiday Shopping Season

Here are my best selling product types during the Christmas Holiday Shopping Season:
My Best Selling Christmas Products

So far this holiday shopping season, my best selling product types on Zazzle from Nov 1st – Dec. 11 have been

  1. Mugs, especially ones that are personalized or monogrammed
  2. Wrapping Paper
  3. Ornaments

There have been a lot of sales and coupon codes offered by Zazzle to entice the Christmas Shoppers lately.  If you sell on Zazzle, what have been your top selling product types so far this holiday shopping season?


9 comments on “My Best Selling Product Types on Zazzle during the Christmas Holiday Shopping Season

  1. Where have you been! LOL joke
    Good luck in all of your online ventures I know you’ll be blowing up Zazzle at this time, be sure to update us

  2. Ornaments have been doing pretty well for me, some wrapping paper but not in the last week (curious why), keychains are doing surprisingly well, and phone cases are also seeing some good sales. But in terms of volume, this month is huge so far!

    • Phone Cases sell pretty well for me year around, but I do sell a lot of holiday designs in phone cases this time of year. I always wonder how long they leave their Christmas design iPhone case on before they switch it out for something else.

  3. Hi,

    After reading about your efforts with Zazzle i’ve decided to have a go myself. I sell my photography online anyway, so i thought it could be a good opportunity to expand.

    Is there any chance you can have a little look at my site? Any critique/suggestions for improvements will be really helpful. I’ve added a lot of products today, so they’ll be online tomorrow.

    Thanks alot!


    • Hi Tim,
      Welcome to Zazzle! One thing I’ve learned is to offer my designs on a variety of products. I’ve been amazed at which designs sell on what type of products. Because of this I like to apply my designs to a wide variety of products using the Quick Create option, but with my own templates set up, so I can post 100 products at a time with the same design. This takes quite a bit of work on the front end to set up the templates, but then once they are set up, it’s really easy to apply your designs to lots of products at once. I talk about how to set up your own templates here:

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