My Monthly Online Earnings Report December 2012

December 2012 Online Earnings Report Five Green Lizards Here is my last month of 2012 online earnings report. I report my actual earnings received this month, but that means these payments were the results of my earnings during the month of October, as most companies pay me 60 days later. I can’t wait to see my payments start coming in during January and February because those will represent the Christmas shopping season of November/December.

So here are my payments received during the month of December (earned in October).

My Squidoo income has pretty much been on a plateau for most of the year, earning consistently between $1100-$1300 each month without much effort from me.  I did work on a project to make a bunch of Squidoo lenses to promote Zazzle products, but they don’t earn anything from Squidoo itself, with the exception of a little bit of ad share revenue.  I expect those new lenses to increase my Zazzle earnings this upcoming spring, as many of them are wedding related.  But as far as Squidoo revenue, I haven’t made any new product review lenses in many many months, so I’m not surprised that I haven’t been seeing any increase in income from Squidoo.  But it is very encouraging that my income has continued to stay above $1000 even though I haven’t touched or updated the majority of my lenses in many months either.

I am very encouraged with my Zazzle income, and during November I really started to add many more products to my stores.  This resulted in many sales during the Christmas shopping season and you’ll be seeing income around $1000 on my January payment (for November) and around $1300 on my February payment (for December).  I have been very happy with the possibility of Zazzle becoming a major source of income for me in the future.  It is all a numbers game.  The more products you have up for sale, the more opportunity you have to make sales.  I have basically been focusing all most all of my time the last 6-8 weeks on putting more Zazzle products up for sale.

I have really been surprised by how many Zazzle sales I’ve made as a result of a 3rd party referring my product.  That means that someone else put my product on their website, blog, or Squidoo lenses, and a sale resulted.  They earn a referral commission and a volume bonus, and I still get a royalty commission.  It’s basically like having my own marketing team working to promote my products.  In November and December about half of my sales were referred by a 3rd party.  Although I’m not eligible for any volume bonus when a sale is referred by a 3rd party, I’m still very happy to have the sale, because if they weren’t promoted it, I wouldn’t have made the sale in the first place.

I’m really excited about the possibilities with Zazzle.  I’ve added most of my products in the last 8 weeks, so they haven’t had too much chance to get seen in the Zazzle marketplace or get a lot of exposure from Google because they are new.  However, I know that over time, as more people view my products, and more people promote my products, my sales should increase.  For example, if in November I had 5 different people who linked to my products on their blogs or websites, and I had xx number of sales, then maybe my sales will double if, over time, 5 more people start promoting my products on their sites.  And later more people might promote them.  This all increases the visits to the product, which I’m sure has some bearing on how it is ranked within the Zazzle marketplace.  And the more my products get seen, the more sales result.

But most importantly I think just putting up more products for sale is the key.  I read in the forums somewhere that one shopkeeper said that about 30% of their sales were first time sales on products that they created over a year ago.  If I have a similar result within my stores, then next year I would have 30% more sales just based on more people discovering my products for the first time.

What do you think?  How was your December online earnings?

PS…Coming Soon…I plan to write a 2012 summary and compare it to how I did in 2011, and also set some goals for 2013.  Please Check Back Soon!


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  1. I just signed up for squidoo this month and have started building lenses. I was looking for advice on how to make money on squidoo and that’s how I found you. Today I just signed up for zazzle. I’m so excited! I plan to build both at the same time. It’s so encouraging to see your earnings history. We have 2 kids, we homeschool, and I’ve been killing myself with a demanding work at home job. I would be absolutely thrilled to be where you are in a year or two. Is 2 years your timeline for how you got to this level of earning?

    Anyway, thanks for the inspiration. Keep up the good work!

    • Hi Eliza, I’m glad you found my blog. Prior to July 2011 I was only making about $40 per month on Squidoo and maybe $50 per month with my own Amazon links through Squidoo. Then I started learning about the importance of keyword research and finding topics that got searches in Google but had low competition from other websites. I started using a keyword research tool to help me, and in Nov 2011 I started using the Jaaxy keyword research tool. My income quickly went to $500 a month, then over $1000 month just on Squidoo alone. That was the most important thing I learned, keyword research, and using the tool to help me, and then applying the keyword phrases I found to my titles, urls, headings, etc. My traffic took off and sales followed. Two years would be a good goal, however I know someone who took their income from $0 – $18,000+ per month in 18 months using Squidoo. She hired virtual assistants and writers to help write the content so she could basically duplicate her efforts and earn income faster. And her husband got laid off and started working with her too. Her story is very inspiring! Her blog is here:

      • That’s great advice, thank you! I’ve just started reading up on keyword techniques and it’s good to know I’m on the right path. Thanks for the link too, I’ll add that blog to my list!

  2. HI, in terms of passive income both squidoo and zazzle are passive, how passive is your local small business marketing services? And what do I do to get in on this??? :)

    • Lately I’ve been putting a lot of effort in Zazzle, uploading my own products, because I think it can be a lot more passive than Squidoo. Once the products are up for sale, they are up forever, and you really don’t have to go back and “update them” or republish changes the way you have to with Squidoo.

      As far as the small business marketing stuff, I keep meaning to write up a tutorial about what I do. Basically I built a website for a local company Then I also post ads for them on Craigslist, write blog posts, and I have a few Squidoo lenses that target the local keywords people search for in our area (the cities and the services they provide). Part of the website has a free quote contact form where potential customers can fill out their info and get a free quote. The company pays me a commission for every new customer I send them. However, my family members own the business, so I trust them to tell me how many new customers started and then they pay me a flat rate commission per new customer. But with a local business that has other marketing efforts and no way to track the new customers coming specifically from you, as opposed to other marketing they do, the email lead form would be a way to set it up. You could work out a deal where the company pays you a set commission PER LEAD you send them. The form sends the email to both the company and to me, so I know how many get sent per month. If you figured out how much a new customer is worth to a company, you can work backwards to figure out how much the company would be willing to pay for a good lead. Or think about how much the company pays for other types of advertising. For example, in the pool cleaning industry, Google adwords clicks can be $3-$5 per click. So would a company be willing to pay $10 for a good quality lead, like someone who wants them to come out a give a quote for service, rather than spending $10 for 2 clicks to their website? Then you can just bill them $10 (or whatever you decide on) for every lead they received each month. The free quote form on the website can be set up to send an email to you and also to the company, so you will know how many leads you sent them per month. This works well for businesses that have customers that require recurring service. Like the pool company is a weekly service. Or landscapers are monthly. So a new customer is an ongoing revenue source for the company. Local small businesses always need help with marketing, and usually don’t have the skills to make their own website. But they also don’t want to spend much money on marketing, which is why billing them per lead of an actual real live potential customer who wants a free quote, is easier than say selling them an advertisement spot in a magazine or newspaper. They can justify spending money for actual customer phone calls or email leads. OK, need to write up a whole blog post on this! :)

  3. i’ve been reading your monthly updates for a few months now. thx for writing them and inspiring the rest of us! looking forward to your year end wrap up and 2013 goals–

  4. Looking forward to hearing more from you about how things are going for you on Squidoo. You are such an inspiration! You make me see that it is possible to make a real income online. Thank you for being an inspiration.

    I am so looking forward to your thoughts on what’s happening at Squidoo just now with the whole bashing of sales lenses/thin content etc. What do you think of it and what steps are you taking (if any) to protect your work?

    • I intend to address this in a post soon! And update my earnings reports! I had a lot of lenses get tripped up in the new content filters and worked my way through fixing them. Surprisingly, many of them got flagged, NOT because of the number of links, NOT because of too few words, but because of titles that were duplicated by a subtitle further down the page, or having two links on the page that were exactly the same. Most of mine that I fixed simply needed their module titles and subtitles fixed so that I wasn’t using the same keyword phrase more than once. Sadly, having four accounts and many lenses to fix, plus being right in the middle of income tax filing, and two of my son’s birthdays, I didn’t get around to fixing them all, and some of them got locked. I tried to focus my efforts on fixing my “money makers”, and told myself that if a len wasn’t getting much traffic anyway then I wasn’t going to waste my time trying to save it. But I know some of the lenses that got locked had earnings on them for Feb and March, so I will lose those. We will have to see how it all works out in the next few months. One negative to having so many lenses is that it’s nearly impossible to upkeep them all, especially if you are working on other projects, which of course I always am. Currently Zazzle has been my primary focus as I’ve seen incredible results in the past four months. I will be sharing more on that soon too!

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