My Monthly Online Earnings Report October 2012

I know that it’s almost Thanksgiving, but I’m just now getting around to posting my online earnings report for October 2012.  This earnings report reflects PAYMENTS I received in October.  These payments usually reflect my earnings from 60-90 days prior.  So these are mostly what I earned in August 2012.  The companies are now just releasing the payment to me, which is pretty standard in most affiliate marketing type of income online.  Please note that links in this post and on this website may be affiliate links that earn me commissions.  If you choose to use my links, I would like to thank you in advance  for helping me earn an income online.

  • Squidoo: $1211.40
  • Local Small Business Marketing Services: $351.00
  • Amazon Associates: $563.13
  • Zazzle, AllPosters, $474.18
  • Mr Rebates: $239.39
  • Google Adsense & Google Affiliate Network: $194.61
  • Jaaxy: $72.00
  • Commission Junction: $102.29
  • Linshare: $0
  • ShareaSale: $0
  • Market Samurai: $0
  • Viglink: $279.11
  • Ebates: $0 (only pay quarterly)
  • TOTAL Income Received in October 2012:  $ 3511.11

    It’s fun to look back one year and see what I was earning online one year ago.  In October 2011 I earned $1110.97.  And the year before that I wasn’t even making enough to worry about keeping track of it!    How would it make you feel if you knew that in one year from now you would be making $2400 more per month in your job!  Pretty good, right?  Keep working hard and don’t give up on earning an income online.

Year to Date Income:
January 2012 $ 1,421.66
February 2012 $ 4,508.30
March 2012 $ 2,116.50
April 2012 $ 3,213.97
May 2012 $2,606.74
June 2012: $3,040.97
July 2012: $4,412.91
August 2012: $3507.69
September 2012: $3944.93
October 2012: $3487.11

Total 2012: $ 32,260.78

Notes about my earnings:  My Squidoo earnings are from multiple Squidoo accounts that I have for a few different niches.  But it doesn’t include one account in which I give the earnings to my teenage son.  My small business marketing income dropped by about $500 from last month.  My client for this income is in a very seasonal business and the end of summer starts a slow down of new business.  My commissions are based on new business that my marketing brings in, so I normally have lower commissions starting in the fall and throughout the winter.

But you might notice that my Zazzle  income increased quite a bit.  In the summer I started adding many more pages featuring Zazzle products and my sales and income has increased accordingly.  I’m excited about how this income might keep increasing as I make more pages.

And as I mentioned last month, don’t forget to sign up for Mr Rebates, which gives you cash back rebates on your online shopping.  Now, with the Christmas shopping season upon us, is a great time to take advantage of the free money they give back to you on your purchases.  They also have a great referral program which gives you a referral bonus EVERY time someone you refer gets cash back on their shopping.  So just refer someone, they will earn cash back on their shoping, and every time they earn cashback, so will you.

With all these various income sources I use a free web software program called Outright that helps me keep my income and expenses organized, which is especially helpful for income tax purposes.  I use the FREE version.

I also would like to note that I’ve had a lot of success with my online income since I started using the Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool.  It basically tells me not only how much traffic a certain keyword phrase gets, but more importantly, it tells me how much competition there is among other websites for that specific keyword.  It helps me find narrow topics to promote that I can get ranked in Google for, which brings me traffic.  It has really helped me avoid wasting my time on keyword phrases that are over saturated with competition, and helped me find some great “diamonds in the rough”.  I pay $19 per month for their service, but they also have a free trial if you would like to try it out.  I can honestly say that using it was a real turning point for me.

I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving holiday!  What are you working on right now?  Leave me a comment below!

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  2. I am really enjoying reading through your progress and thrilled to see your earnings increasing. Thank you for sharing as openly as you do.

    We seem to think a lot alike when it comes to earning passive income. I marvel at your energy and perseverance.

    Way to go! :)

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