My Monthly Online Income Earnings Report July 2012

July 2012 Online Earnings Report My July 2012 Online Income Report

These numbers are what I actually was PAID in July. They reflect the earnings from sales that occured 60-90 days prior to them being paid out to me in July. Each affiliate and income source pays out on a different schedule. I am just reporting the income I actually received as payment this month.

Year to Date Income:
January 2012 $ 1,421.66
February 2012 $ 4,508.30
March 2012 $ 2,116.50
April 2012 $ 3,213.97
May 2012 $2,606.74
June 2012: $3,040.97
July 2012: $4,412.91
Total 2012: $ 21,321.05

Notes about my income this month: I continue to attribute my growth of income to using the Jaaxy Keyword Research tool to help me find things to write about the have LOW COMPETITION from other websites.  This combined with the power of Squidoo, have allowed many of my pages to get ranked on the first page of the Google search results for specific keywords related to people wanting to buy specific products.  I think a page on a very specific type of products, written on Squidoo, has a great chance of attracting the buyer looking for that specific type of product.

My Small Business Marketing Income was huge this month.  My client is in a seasonal type of industry, so the numbers in the summer are always higher than they are in the winter.  I’m considering writing an ebook about how you can do these “Small Business Marketing” services from home.  Would you be interested in buying an ebook about how to do this?  Please let me know in the comments below.


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  2. Your earnings are impressive. I do Squidoo as well and I have a niche website. Keep up the good work. I would be interested in an ebook about small business marketing.

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  4. I live in a very small rural community, and I’d love to see your ebook. So many of our local businesses could really benefit from marketing themselves in new ways, instead of relying on the old tried and true, which don’t always work anymore.

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