My Monthly Online Income Earnings Report September 2012

Yes, this report is long overdue, but here’s my September 2012 online income report.  Sorry I haven’t posted anything else in the past month.  I’ve been working like crazy on a Zazzle / Squidoo project.  I’ll update you all about it in a later post.  But right now it’s 11:15 pm and I’ll get right to the main point of this post, my income I received in September 2012.  Remember, this is actual payments I received this month, which usually reflect my earnings from 60-90 days ago.  So this reflects the sales and commissions I made in July that the companies are now paying me for.

Year to Date Income:
January 2012 $ 1,421.66
February 2012 $ 4,508.30
March 2012 $ 2,116.50
April 2012 $ 3,213.97
May 2012 $2,606.74
June 2012: $3,040.97
July 2012: $4,412.91
August 2012: $3507.69
September 2012: $3944.93

Total 2012: $ 28,773.67

Notes about my earnings:  My Squidoo earnings are from multiple Squidoo accounts that I have for a few different niches.  But it doesn’t include one account in which I give the earnings to my teenage son.  My Zazzle income has been about the same the last few months, but in September I started working on a big project to make more webpages that feature other people Zazzle products, earning commissions when their items sell.  My sales have definently increased, but that won’t be reflected in my earnings report until I’m paid those commissions in a few months.  So keep an eye out for my increase in Zazzle earnings coming up soon.

On another note, with Christmas shopping season coming up, one of my income sources, Mr Rebates, provides a great opportunity for everyone to both SAVE money on their shopping, while also MAKING MONEY.  Mr Rebates offers coupons codes and CASH BACK REBATES for online shopping at more than 2000 stores.  So many times its much cheaper to order your Christmas gifts online, and collect the cash back, than to buy it in the retail store.  Plus you don’t have to fight the crowds.  They also have a referral program, which is how you can use it to make money.  Each month I’m paid a few hundred dollars because I have referred others to Mr Rebates.  I’ve told them how they can get cash back rebates on their shopping.  In return for referring them, Mr Rebates gives me a “referral bonus” whenever that person shops and gets cash back.  So the shopper I refer may make a $100 purchase at a store offering 10% cash back.  They will get $10 cash back on their purchase.  Because I referred them, I would also get cash back, equal to 20% of whatever they earned.  So in this example, I get $2 cash back.  You can join for FREE, plus get a $5 sign up bonus here.  Use it to get cash back on your Christmas shopping.  And grab your referral link and share it with your friends and family and tell them how they can get cash back too. If anyone joins from your link, you’ll earn a referral bonus whenever someone shops, for life.  No limits on how much you can earn.

With all these various income sources I use a free web software program called Outright that helps me keep my income and expenses organized, which is especially helpful for income tax purposes.  I use the FREE version.

I also would like to note that I’ve had a lot of success on Squidoo since I started using the Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool.  I start with an idea of what I want to write about, but it helps me narrow down the direction I want to take the topic based on the amount of competition and traffic a certain keyword phrase would get.  For example, I choose the specific topic, title, and url based on the keyword research for a page I wrote, and that single page now gets more than 6400 visits PER WEEK.  It has really helped me avoid wasting my time on keyword phrases that are over saturated with competition, and helped me find some great “diamonds in the rough”.  I pay $19 per month for their service, but they also have a free trial if you would like to try it out.  I can honestly say that using it was a real turning point for me.

And finally I’d like to say that I post these earnings online as an encouragement to all those out there who wish to make money online.  Yes, it can be done. But it takes a lot of hard work.  And more importantly, persistence.  My income has slowly increased month after month.  And when you do something online that has an opportunity to create an income for you, that effort pays you over time.  So the more pages you create, or products you create, or whatever you are doing to earn income, the more “things” you have out there on the web earning for you, gives you more opportunity for income.  Last year I probably only had 1/2 of the Squidoo lenses that I have today.  Each one of those lenses “is an opportunity for income”.  Some only earn a little bit of money.  Some don’t earn any.  But if the page is not written, it doesn’t have any chance of making any money.  Next year, I’ll have even more pages out there.  And even more income sources “working for me”.  You can follow my 365 Days of Creating Passive Income Streams HERE.  It’s kind of a long jumbled journal-like detail of some of the things I’m doing.

What are you working on right now?  Leave me a comment below!

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