My Monthly Online Income Report June 2012

Five Green Lizards Online Earnings Report June 2012 I realize this report is a bit late, but I’ve been busy over the last few weeks moving from one house to another. I am documenting these earnings here on my website to both keep myself accountable to my goals, but also to inspire others who are striving to make money online from home.

I got inspired to post income reports by reading income reports posted by others. One of my favorite blogs to read is Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income blog where he posts his CRAZY online income each month. He makes a ton of money, but I am reminded that he started somewhere small too, and he only got to the point of making that much money online from hard work and dedicated effort. You can read the Smart Passive Income June 2012 earnings report here.

My June 2012 Online Income Report

These numbers are what I actually was PAID in June. They reflect the earnings from sales that occured 60-90 days prior to them being paid out to me in June. Each affiliate and income source pays out on a different schedule. I am just reporting the income I actually received as payment this month.

  • Squidoo: $1273.40 (128 lenses made money – does NOT include my son’s account)
  • Local Small Business Marketing Services: $929.50
  • Amazon Associates: $261.76  (from my OWN links on Squidoo lenses, NOT the Squidoo modules)
  • Zazzle, AllPosters, $121.58 (from my own links on Squidoo lenses)
  • Mr Rebates: $171.73  (mostly recurring income, 420 visitors to niche site)
  • Google Adsense: $109.25 (2030 unique visitors to niche sites)
  • Jaaxy: $72 (2030 unique visitors to niche sites – plus Squidoo lenses)
  • Commission Junction: 63.87  (from my own links on Squidoo lenses)
  • Clickbank: $21.28 (from links on Squidoo lenses)
  • Viglink: $16.60 (2030 unique visitors to niche sites)
  • TOTAL Income Received in June 2012:  $3,040.97

Year to Date Income:
January 2012 $ 1,421.66
February 2012 $ 4,508.30
March 2012 $ 2,116.50
April 2012 $ 3,213.97
May 2012 $2,606.74
June 2012: $3,040.97
Total 2012: $ 16,908.14


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    • Thanks Ash! These earnings reflect my payment received, so really the money was earned 60-90 days prior, depending on the company paying me. So these are the results from sales made in April. But I’m optimistic that my earnings will continue to increase too!

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  3. Hey, Kim.

    I almost posted this comment without your name because I was having a hard time finding it. Great report. I am glad that you are having success. It is really cool how easy it is to earn some income through websites like Squidoo. Those websites are pretty straightforward when it comes to making money and getting paid.

    You actually have some great earnings there. I am curious; is most of that income coming from the ad pool? I would assume it is judging by the smaller amounts from your own affiliate links. Maybe I just answered my own question! Anyway, hopefully that income will continue to rise. I am actually doing a case study right now, starting today, over the next 60 days on making money with squidoo. Here’s to continued growth!


    • The ad pool and text ads make up about 55% of my Squidoo earnings from this payout. The other 45% are from eBay sales. My Amazon sales are pretty nonexistent within my Squidoo payouts, because I mostly use my own links, which are then paid to me through Amazon Associates. Hope that helps! Good Luck.

    • I’ve never used Infolinks before, but I thought they paid based on clicks, kind of like Adsense. Viglink is a way to automatically make your links affiliate links. 99% percent of the merchants pay you when someone clicks a link then buys something on their website. But a few of the merchants pay based on clicks.

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