My Online Income Earnings Report 2012

Inspired by other bloggers who share their online income every month in a report detailing how much money they made online and how they made it, I thought that I would do the same here on Five Green Lizards.  This serves two main purposes.

First, for myself, it keeps me accountable to my goals and also helps encourage me when I can look back and see how far I have come.  Seeing my monthly online income increasing is a great motivator to keep working hard.

Secondly, I really want to help others start earning money online too.  Personally I love to read other websites and blog detailing how they make their money online.  It gives me new ideas and I always learn a valuable tip or two.  That is what I am striving to achieve here by detailing my earnings.  I want others to read what I am doing and take away an idea or two that they can implement on their blogs and websites, hopefully increasing their earnings too.

One of the best tools I use that really started bringing traffic to my pages and helped me start making consistent sales was when I started using the Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool in Nov 2011.  It was probably the #1 reason I have been able to make money online this year.  I use it everyday and I couldn’t be happier with the results I’m getting.  The best thing it does for me is tell me what phrases have LOW COMPETITION in my topic of choice.  This allows me to get on the first page of Google for my topic, which is where all the traffic is, thus giving me a better chance to make sales.

But if you just starting out and you need some step by step direction of how to even start your own blog or website, then I recommend the step by step video tutorial called BPU101 – which stands for Blogging Your Passion 101.  For a limited time you can save 50% with the coupon code “101Sale”.

I know you came to this page to see my 2012 Online Income Report: how much money I’m making online and how I’m making that money, so let’s get to it. Each month reports how much I was PAID in that month, which reflects earnings from 60-90 days prior depending on the company. Almost every company will pay you 60-90 days later to allow for returns, etc.  For example, you’ll notice that my February earnings were higher than many of the other months.  This is because these include many payments from the Christmas shopping season in Nov-Dec 2011.

You can click on any of the links to read the detailed report of where I made my money that month.

My 2012 Income Report

2012 Online Income:
(PAID to me in this month)
January 2012 $ 1,421.66
February 2012 $ 4,508.30
March 2012 $ 2,116.50
April 2012 $ 3,213.97
May 2012 $2,606.74
June 2012: $3,040.97
July 2012: $4,412.91
August 2012: $3,507.69
September 2012: $3944.93
October 2012: $3487.11
November 2012: $3724.34
December 2012: $3803.68
Total 2012:$ 39,788.80

Please leave a comment below and share your online income or your income GOALS.  And don’t forget to subscribe to this blog in the form below so you won’t miss next month’s online income report!


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