My Viglink Earnings from June 2012 – $286

Hi everyone, I’m just updating you on how my Viglink Earnings are increasing.  I started using Viglink in late April, on individual website I have.  Most of the websites I put Viglink on feature a specific niche of items for sale on eBay.  Viglink will automatically make the eBay link an affiliate link.  They take a cut of the commission and give me the rest.  It is a great way to monetize your interest in items on eBay if you can’t get into the eBay Partner Network affiliate program.

Just as a reminder, when I post my online income reports monthly and the year to date total, those are only the amount I was actually PAID in that month.  So they reflect the EARNING I made 60 days prior.  That’s why you’ll only see a small amount of earnings from Viglink on my income reports ~ because I’ve only been paid for the first month of April so far.

But I EARNED this much in these respective months, and will be receiving payment soon.
April ~ First 10 Days = $16
May ~ First Full Month = $159
June ~ $286

Viglink Earnings Report June 2012

My Viglink Total Earnings from June 2012 = $268

The earnings from June represent 21 websites.  Each website focuses on only ONE niche product line in ONE category on eBay.  The websites feature cool items in that category that are for sale on eBay.

You can join Viglink for free here.  They automatically affiliate links on your website to thousands of different merchants.  Most of the merchants pay based on products purchased, but a few pay based on clicks, like eBay.


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  1. Hi Kim- So glad Viglink is starting to amp up for you. I am still planning to use it, but I am trying to figure out the best way to add affiliate links on a site. Do you have any tips or plug-ins or advice? I am so low-tech, and am looking for help in this area. You are so inspiring- thanks so much for the post!

    • You can’t add affiliate links to sites (the FREE wordpress version). You would have to host your own site, then use the wordpress platform. I use Bluehost for my hosting, and they have a one step installation of the wordpress software. And then there is a Viglink plugin that gets your affiliate code onto your site. But that’s the paid version of WordPress where you host your own website. I don’t know if you would be able to implement Viglink on any of the “free” platforms. But I’m not sure about that.

      • I forgot that you can use Viglink on Wizzley, which is a free writing platform. I only have a couple articles there, and only 1 with any ebay links, so I haven’t made any money. I know that you have to sign up for Viglink through their link, not your own Viglink account. You can join Wizzley here: . And then once you are a member, in your account settings, you can join the Viglink program through Wizzley. Click on the “Registration” link that’s to the right of the box for your Viglink email address. Once you sign up (through Wizzley “Registration” link), then enter your Viglink email there.

        So just to clarify, when using Viglink on Wizzley, you must sign up separately under your Wizzley account settings. You don’t use your personal Viglink account.

        • Here’s a sample of a page I made on Wizzley right now that includes eBay links.

          I’m assuming that their eBay links are paid the same on Wizzley as on my own websites, which is based on clicks. However, how Wizzley works is that its free to join, and Wizzley rotates your affiliate IDs into 50%-60% of the impressions for each article. So 50% of the views will have your affiliate IDs shown, and 50% of the views will have Wizzley’s ID shown. So you will only earn with Viglink and eBay when someone clicks when it was YOUR impression showing.

  2. squidoo seems the best site out there for free writing, I have tried hubpages and wizzley but I cannot stick with them the only other thing is building your own sites and blogs

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