Pincredibles PAID me AGAIN ~ It’s like Pinterest except it PAYS you

I just received another payment from Pincredibles, a new website that works a lot like Pinterest, except you can earn money from it.  Since it’s just starting out, they’ve been giving out bonuses for participating, like pinning, liking, commenting, etc.  So far, I’ve received three different payments from them to my Paypal account.

This latest payment was a bonus equal to $1 for every pin I had “liked” up until Aug 1st.  They don’t announce these surprise payments beforehand, so you never know what you might get.  However, they have listed a detailed page about how much you can earn from Pincredibles.  Basically, you earn based upon if someone who visits your pins, then goes to the merchant and make a purchase.

You can join Pincredibles HERE

Pincredibles Earnings Paid to Me

Here's what Pincredibles has PAID me so far to my Paypal Account ~ $39 in two weeks


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