Problems when running your own websites

As you know from my list of income sources, I have some of my own websites and I also write for free writing platforms like Squidoo, which is a great money maker for me.  I really started doing my own niche sites so I wouldn’t have so much of my income tied up in one source, and worse that than, a source that I had little control over.  If Squidoo just decided to stop sharing revenue, I would be out of that income.

So I set off to build some of my own niche websites.  But as any website owner will tell you, when you are the one running your own sites, there can be problems.  And when problems arise, there is no one else to fix it but you.  There’s no IT department working for you.  And often times, the timing of the problems are not ideal.  Things tend to go wrong at the worst times, like when you are out of town, up in the mountains, with intermittent internet access.

Yesterday, my webhosting deactivated my account, which all of my websites were on, because my sites were causing performance problems on the server.  After an entire afternoon of phones calls with the technical support staff at Bluehost, we determined the problem, which is with one of the plugins I use of most of my websites.  This plugin is essential to what I do with my niche sites, but it is using too much data for the shared hosting plan that I am on currently.

To make things more complicated, I’m currently up in the mountains, with intermittent internet service, and I don’t have my external hard drive with me.  So the temporary solution to the problem is that I had to turn off the plugin that was causing the problems.  This allowed my web hosting provider to turn back on my websites for now.  But after I get back home, I will need to come up with a different solution to my webhosting needs.  I most likely will need to transfer all my files and databases to another hosting company that can give me a dedicated server of my own.  But since I don’t have my external hard drive with me up here in the mountains, I’ll have to wait until I get home to do this.

So hopefully, within the next week I will have everything totally resolved.  But until then, I hope my websites (including this one) will stay online, until I can get everything totally fixed.

Such is the life when you are running your own websites!


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  1. Oh, that must be so frustrating. Pat Flynn says Servint is good, but I think you follow him so you probably know that. Have heard HostGator offers dedicated servers and Rackspace.

    What was the plug-in? I am such a newbie, but it would be good to be aware of it. Good luck!

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