Resources and Tools for Making Money Online from Home

If you are building your own website, or simply trying to make money online, you will find these resources helpful. These are tools that I use on this website as well as others to help me make money online from home. I recommend these products because I have used them and they are essential to my business online.

Disclosure: Please note that some of these links below are affiliate links and I may earn a commission if you purchase through them (at no extra cost to you). However, I am recommending these products here because I use them and have found them essential to the success of my online businesses. Regardless of whether or not I would earn a commission from the sale of these products I would still recommend them, because I use them every day! If you do purchase from one of these links, I thank you in advance for choosing to use my links and help support our family! ~Thanks, Kim



If you are thinking about starting a new website like this one and need to know where to start, you can use Weebly, HostGator, or Bluehost to host your websites. Personally, I have found Weebly to easiest to use if you are a beginner and have never created a website before.

Between HostGator and Bluehost, I think HostGator is easier to use if you are setting up wordpress websites.  Both offer shared hosting plans allowing you to pay one fee and add additional websites as “add-on domains” without paying for more hosting.  Just be aware that if you have too many websites on one hosting account you might start using too much data space and you might need an additional hosting plan.  I usually buy the domain name on and then use the hosting plan at HostGator.  You can get 12% cash back on GoDaddy purchases by using the free cash back website, Mr Rebates.

If you’ve never made a website before and you are looking to make a simple 5-10 page website, then I highly recommend using Weebly.  It is a drag and drop interface.  You just choose a template and starting making the pages.  It’s really easy to do. One of my best websites is hosted by Weebly.

The Easiest Way to Create a Website.

Use code FiveGreenLizards to save $9.94 off the package price

Here’s a tutorial video by Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income on how to set up a blog in 4 minutes.


Keyword Research Tool:

This is probably my most important tool that has contributed to my success online.  I use a keyword research tool called Jaaxy to help me pick topics to write about that have good traffic from Google and more importantly low competition from other websites. This keyword research tool has probably been my #1 reason for my success at making money online. This the difference between picking a title and keywords that gets me ranked on the first page of Google, and therefore gives me traffic, and just using any old words I think of that don’t bring me any website visitors. It costs $19 per month. They also have a premium version for $49 per month.  When I first wanted to try it out, I told myself that I would try using it for one month. If I didn’t see any results after one month or didn’t think it was worth it, then I would cancel my monthly subscription and only be out $19. But from the first month of using it I absolutely loved it.

It’s really simple to use and is web based, which means I can log into it from any computer, or my iPhone or iPad. This is great because before this I was using a software program that was downloaded onto my computer and it always made my computer run slow. Plus with a software program you download you only have access to it from the computer it’s downloaded onto. With Jaaxy being web based, it doesn’t ever slow down my computer, and I can access it from anywhere I’m working.

I highly recommend getting a keyword research tool to help you pick keyword phrases that you will have success with. If you aren’t getting any traffic, then you can possibly make any sales. And you won’t be getting any traffic if you can’t get ranked in Google. A lot of people make the mistake of just using the Google keyword research tool that is part of the Adwords program. They just look for keywords that get a lot of traffic and think that if they write about those keywords, they will automatically get a piece of all those website visitors. What they don’t understand is that the keywords with the most traffic also have the most competition from other websites. And the competition column in the adwords keyword research tool is specifically talking about how many other Adwords users place ads for this keyword phrase, NOT how many competing websites are listed in Google. So finding a keyword phrase using the Google keyword tool that says it has “low competition’ simply means that there aren’t very many people running Google Adwords ads for this phrase. It has nothing to do with how many other websites are targeting these keywords. So it doesn’t help you at all in determining whether or not you’ll be able to get ranked in Google. That’s why you need a good keyword research tool. And I haven’t been able to find any free ones that can do this for you. But Jaaxy is one of the cheaper tools at only $19 per month. And I’ve had a ton of success with it. I have about 50 different pages that I’ve written based on what I found on the keyword research tool and those pages get more than 100,000 visitors per month.

Cheap Keyword Research Tool


Cool Photo Editing Tool:

I use PicMonkey’s premium version to make cool graphics, add neat effects to photos, and make banners and collages for my websites.

PicMonkey Cool Photo Editing Tool
Cool Photo Editing Tool that I Use



Viglink Affiliate Network

I have been monetizing some of my websites with Viglink, which is an affiliate network that will automatically turn any links on your page into an affiliate link, plus add affiliate links to well know words, like eBay. I have been very happy with my results so far with this program.  You can read more about my experience with Viglink here.

Viglink Earnings Proof



I use Mr Rebates cash back program to get cash back on many of my online purchases, including my domain names from GoDaddy, and business supplies from Staples, OfficeMax and OfficeDepot.  You an get 20% cash back on ink cartridges from 123InkJets and 4InkJets.  They both have laser cartridges too, so its not just ink jet printer supplies.  This can be a hugs savings for small businesses that order supplies online.  I also use it to get cash back rebates on my personal shopping and for clothes for my kids.  It’s free to join.

Cash Back on Shoes Cash Back Shopping




I recently began reading a website called which has a lot of really good information on it about how to create a niche website online to make money. In addition to all the great free information offered on the website, Lisa, the website owner, also has written a really good ebook called Website Success, which teaches you step by step how to create a successful niche website. Right now I am in the process of transitioning from making money on other websites like Squidoo, to making money on my own niche websites. This is one of my roadmaps.

Build a Successful Niche Website Today - Niche Website Success



5 comments on “Resources and Tools for Making Money Online from Home

  1. Hello

    You have some great resources here, Never heard of Jaaxy i use long tail pro so will have a look into Jaxxy

    Quick question, do you use your own amazon links on squidoo or do you just use there via there module… who pays you the main commision squidoo directly or amazon ?

    Many Thanks

    • I use Amazon links on Squidoo as well as using their Amazon module. In my earnings reports, when I list the Squidoo income, that includes the ad revenue share and any commissions from using their eBay and Amazon modules. When I report earnings from Amazon, that is from my own links on Squidoo lenses, as well as other websites I have.

  2. At 5am this morning, I realized I had not been properly setting my blog up for success. I decided to come back to your website and REALLY read your tips and advice. You have become my ‘Momma’ in an online-marketing kind of way:) I am a bit of an extroverted-introvert, a Zazzler, and I love finding new ways to help others and look after my family financially. Thank you ‘Momma’:) I will be sticking close to you and learning all you have to share. If you like, I will keep you updated with my progress. Thank you so so much!!!

    • My main Squidoo account and my other account where I promoted Zazzle items have both been closed. I still have a few lenses on a separate account that are still live, but none of them relate to anything about making money on Squidoo or Zazzle. 🙁

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