Squidoo Shortcut to Money Review

Squidoo Shortcut to Money

How to make Lenses that Google finds and loves within hours
[**Update – this ebook is no longer for sale]

Squidoo Shortcut to Money - How to Make lenses that google finds and loves within hours I don’t usually recommend very many paid ebooks unless I found them to be really helpful. I bought this ebook from Lisa Klein Weber, even though I was already making more than $1000 online at Squidoo. I love to learn new things and I wanted to see exactly what she was teaching in her ebook and compare it to what I was already doing online at Squidoo.

I feel like there is always room for improvement and different ways to make money online, even when you are using the same platform (Squidoo). True to form, I discovered some tips in her ebook that I was able to implement immediately. Her main strategy is completely different than what I normally do on my Squidoo lenses.  And remember, I was already having a lot of success with my own Squidoo strategy.  Which just goes to show you, you can ALWAYS learn more and benefit from studying other people’s successes (and failures).

I can’t give away all her secrets, otherwise she would have no reason to have a book. I know it took her a lot of time to make her ebook because it’s a full 50 pages long. And I’m not going to shortchange her by giving away all her secrets here.

But I will tell you my results on a few of my new lenses I made by following her strategy.

Squidoo Lens #1:
Once this lens was two weeks old it had 278 visitors in 7 days.  It made it’s first sale on day 20. It’s lensrank after two weeks was 3390, which will qualify it for about $10 a month in ad revenue share earnings from Squidoo.
**Update – This Squidoo lens is now one month old. It made 3 sales in it’s first month. Pretty good for a brand new lens. What is every single new Squidoo lens I made from here on made at least 3 sales per month right away. For my older lenses, I have usually seen sales pick up after about 6 months, but if I can make new lenses that get sales right away that would really increase my Squidoo earnings!

Squidoo Lens #2:
After 12 Days, this Squidoo lens had 620 visitors, of which 556 of them came from Google. It also had a lensrank of 4,939 after only 12 days, which is it continues to average that, it will start earning around $10 per month just from the ad revenue share that Squidoo pays. That doesn’t even mention the commissions I will make if any item off my page from Amazon or eBay sells.

Update on my Squidoo Lens #2:

My second lens that I made following Lisa’s strategies has really taken off.  Here’s a screenshot of my traffic stats from my Squidoo dashboard (shown using the addon by SquidUtils.com).

Squidoo Shorcut to Money Review Results

My Traffic Stats from my 2nd Squidoo Lens I built with these strategies.


***Update April 27, 2012  Another few weeks have went by and I thought I’d update you again with my stats from this lens.  (I also have another one I just started and published, so I will update those stats with you later). But here’s more April stats.  As of today, my average Lenrank for the month of April is 1,927 which will end up being Tier 1 for April.  And since Tier 1 lenses earn just shy of $50 per month in ad revenue, I’m so happy I created this lens at the end of March.  You can’t earn any ad revenue until your first FULL month, so I wasn’t eligible to earn any ad revenue in March (and it wouldn’t have earned anything anyway because the Lenrank was low because it was brand new).  But for April, since my traffic has been great lately, I should end the month in Tier 1.  There’s a few more days left this month, but since I’m currently ranked in the 500-700 range, I’m pretty sure I’ll remain under the coveted 2,000 average lensrank for the month.  I’ve also had some sales on this lens in April (9 so far), and 3 of the sales were for products that aren’t even released yet.

My updated April stats for Lens #2.

Squidoo Shortcut to Money Results Lens #2 src=”http://www.lisakleinweber.com/images/squidooshortcutbooksm.jpg” alt=”Squidoo Shortcut to Money ebook


I have another lens in the works (just published) following Lisa’s strategies, so I’ll be posting more results soon.

I hope you can have the same success or better by following all of Lisa’s tips in her ebook!

Squidoo Shortcut to Money

**SORRY – This ebook is no longer available.

Have you already bought this ebook? Please leave a comment below and let me know what you thought about it. ~Thanks

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