The $100 Startup

The $100 Startup
I’m currently reading the book The $100 Startup: Reinvent the way you make a Living, Do What you Love, and Create a New Future

So far (I’m only in chapter 5), it’s excellent.  If you have any type of dream to work for yourself, be an entrepreneur, and actually MAKE A LIVING doing something you love, then this is a great resource for you.

The author actually interviewed 1500+ subjects, all who make a living in a non-traditional way, earning more than $50,000 per year doing so, and they love what they do.   And all of their businesses had a LOW STARTUP COST, many of them less than $100, hence the name of the book.  Then he put together this book as case studies of what exactly they do for a living, how they got started, and reveals their income.  Furthermore, he has action steps and detailed lists of what you can do if you want to start down the path of earning income for yourself.

What I have found most interesting in this book is the actual ways that these people make their money.  And what nudged them into this type of entrepreneurship.  Many were laid off or fired from their jobs, while others just happened into the business because they were trying to solve a problem for themselves, or they were looking for an item to buy that didn’t exist.

Some of the unique ways of earning a living I’ve read so far include a guy who, as his “side business”, earns more than $75,000 by helping people spend their airline miles.  People rack up all these airlines miles, then don’t know how to work the travel system to ever get them used for a vacation that they actually WANT to take, to the places they want to go.  This guys knows all the tricks of how to get the most for your airline rewards miles because he has always done it for himself and his wife.  After always getting requests from family and friends to help them figure out how to do what he did….fly around the world for free…over and over again….he finally was getting too many requests to handle and started charging for his services.  Now he charges a $250 to make his clients trips happen.

What are your passions…what do you love to do. What hobby or activity would you love to grow into a full-time income? Leave me a comment below and tell me what you would love to do!

For more about this book this article by the author Chris Guillebeau:

7 Key Lessons from The $100 Startup


The $100 StartUp by Chris GuillebeauThe $100 StartUp by Chris Guillebeau


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  1. Yes, Chris G. is so inspiring. Have heard him interviewed a few times, and he has done so much for so many, too. If you can, catch the Blogcastfm interview Srini did a few weeks back when Chris launched his book.

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