Tips for Making Templates on Zazzle

How to Make Templates for Zazzle

Hey, I just wanted to share a really quick post to my readers who are learning how to Zazzle. There was a post on the Zazzle blog a few days ago with suggestions and tips for creating template products.

If you are anything like me, the Zazzle blog post updates might have gotten lost in a sea of emails flooding your inbox, or you’ve never subscribed to their blog in the first place.  Either way, since this has been a topic of discussion here on FiveGreenLizards, I thought I’d share.

The blog post is referring to products that have custom photos or text that the customer needs to easily replace on the product before ordering, like photo gifts or invitations with custom text.

In the last post (How to Get Started on Zazzle with NO Design Skills), I shared a few of my products that are “create your own photo gifts” featuring a photo of my daughter.

As you can see the photo is set up as a template that the customer can easily “change” the image, without having to use the customize tool and get all confused.

You can read the Tips for Making Templates on Zazzle’s blog HERE.

And if you already know how to make a template for one product, you may be interested in learning how to make your own templates for Zazzle Quick Create.

Cheers and Happy Designing!


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