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Why am I writing about Triple Scented Soy Candles on my website that’s about making money online?  Because I want to show all the work at home entrepreneurs out there, especially the ones who work in a direct marketing or party plan type of business how important it is to use the right keyword phrases to get traffic to your website or blog.

I’m using Triple Scented Soy Candles (for sale online below), as my product of choice for this case study because at one point in time I used to sell soy candles in a direct marketing business.  This was before the internet was big and they didn’t have any way for people to order from you online.  The only way to make sales was face to face or through hosting parties.  I’m a bit of an introvert and don’t like to do party plan type of businesses.  That’s why I eventually put all my efforts into online marketing.  I love to write and blogging and building websites is much more of my thing than hosting parties.

But regardless of how you run your business, you need customers.  And this post is about how to find those customers.  If I were in the soy candle business still, I would use my keyword research tool to see what keywords have decent traffic and LOW competition.  Here’s a screenshot of what my keyword research tool told me when I searched for “soy candle scented candle”.  I originally put in “soy candle” and saw that “soy candle scented candle” had a score of “90”, which is good.  The higher the score the better; 100 is the best.  This is the ratio of expected traffic that keyword gets and the competition from other websites.  A high score means it’s more likely that you can easily get onto the first page of Google.

Keyword Research for Selling Soy Candles

Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool for Triple Scented Soy Candles

So after looking at these results, if I were selling soy candles, as I know some of you are, I would write a blog post with or make a website page with the title being “Triple Scented Soy Candles“.  I would also make sure that triple scented soy candles was in my tags and keywords of my blog post.  And I would make sure that within the post those words were in a H2 header.  Your blog should automatically make the post title an H1 header for the post title.  All of these things are important to tell Google what your page is about.  And you want to make sure Google knows that you have Triple Scented Soy Candles for Sale Online.  Using bold and italics also helps tell Google what your page is about.

If you are looking to buy some strong scented candles for sale, here’s some triple scented soy candles for sale online at eBay.

Triple Scented Soy Candles


Some other words and phrases that seems to have good numbers from my keyword research tool were:

soy candle scented candle

triple scented soy candle

strong scented candle

soy candle reviews

buy soy candles online

soy wax candle supply

soy wax candle making

highly scented candle online

strong scented candle

candle for fundraiser

These would all be good phrases to use as blog post titles or website page titles. These results were found with the Jaaxy keyword research tool, which I use to pick what phrases I should use for titles and topics. This helps me get traffic from Google which gives me not only free visitors to my websites, but also highly targeted visitors. What do I mean by that? The visitors that land on my product selling pages are looking to buy the exact products I have featured on my pages. I use the keyword research tool to help me pick which phrases have the least amount of competition from other websites, and I target those phrases. That gets me ranked in Google and brings me buyers. The Jaaxy keyword research tool costs $19 per month, but it is worth every penny because it brings you buyers!

And the example I gave you is just one phrase.  You could also use the keyword research tool to find out which keywords have the most traffic and least competition from other websites for specific candles colors, or specific candles sizes.  If you knew that the phrase “sugar cookie soy candle” gets more traffic and has less competition that the phrase “apple scented soy candles”, wouldn’t that be valuable information to use in writing your candle blog or website?  That’s the information you can get from Jaaxy.

Or you may find out that there are people typing into Google “16 oz soy candles”.  The keyword research tool gives you phrases that you may have never thought about using to market to your customers.  Some other things phrases you can find by using the keyword research tool to market your soy candle business:

  • Which candle color do most people search for
  • Which candle size do most people search for
  • Which specific scent that people search for
  • What phrase do people type into Google when they are looking to join a candle selling company
  • What phrase do they type into Google if they are looking for a candle fundraiser

There are many different searches that you can target your website pages to.  If you only have the distributor website and you can’t make any changes to it, then I would suggest you set up some free pages on a free writing platform like Squidoo, Wizzley, or Hubpages, using the keyword phrases you find from the keyword research tool.  Make the exact phrase your url, title, and section headings.  Then write about it and then put a big link over to your main candle website where you actually sell the candles.  You want to make blog titles and website pages using the EXACT phrase that people type into Google.  This keyword research tool tells you what those exact phrases are.

Try Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool Here:

How to get visitors to my website


Do you Need Ideas for YOUR Small Business?

What other businesses would you like me to do a case study using the actual results from Jaaxy keyword research tool?  Let me know what your product line is in the comments section below and I’ll add it to my list of case studies to do in the future!  Thanks for stopping by.  Please ask questions below in the comments!

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