Update for my results with Squidoo Shortcut to Money

Squidoo Shortcut to Money Review

This is an update to the page I wrote about my great results from the ebook by Lisa Klein Weber called Squidoo Shortcut to Money: How to Make Lenses that Google finds and loves within hours.

You can read the full review I wrote here.

I made a screenshot of my traffic stats from my Squidoo dashboard (shown by the addon by SquidUtils.com).  This is for the 2nd lens that I made following Lisa’s strategies in her book.

Squidoo Shorcut to Money Review Results

My Traffic Stats from my 2nd Squidoo Lens I built following the strategies in the book.

As you can see I started getting traffic to this lens immediately.  This Squidoo lens was created on March 20 late at night.  It had 5 visitors on day two and it’s been increasing ever since.  Recently the traffic to this Squidoo lens has really jumped up, as I had 719 visitors on April 11th and 652 visitors on April 12th.

My first sale was on April 11th and was an item that I had listed for sale on my lens.

And as I said in my full review, Lisa’s strategies focus on something that is completely opposite of what I normally write about on my lenses.  And I was already having success with what I was doing.  But I always know there is more to learn and different ways to do things.  So I bought her book.  As you can see, after implementing her strategies, I have seen good results.  I hope you have the same results or better!

Squidoo Shortcut to Money - How to Make lenses that google finds and loves within hours



***Update on April 27, 2012: Here’s another traffic update for the first month after making this lens.  I took about a month for this lens to get into the Tier 1 advertising level for Squidoo, which will earn me about $50 per month as long as the AVERAGE lensrank stays under 2,000.  Right now the AVERAGE LensRank for April is 1937 with only a few days left in the month.  Plus I’ve had 9 sales so far.

Squidoo Shortcut to Money Results Lens #2


Update June 1st: This ebook is no longer available for sale.


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