Viglink Earnings Case Study

In looking back on my 2013 online business components, I thought you would like to take a look at the specific income and expenses of a subset of 9 websites that earn revenue from Viglink. Viglink is a free program that easily converts links on your website or forum into affiliate links automatically. I use Viglink on small niche websites that talk about specific products for sale online from well known merchants. When I link to the products for sale, if my readers click over and buy anything, I get a commission for the sale. The benefit to using Viglink over going straight through the company’s affiliate program, is that you are automatically approved to earn affiliate commission from all the merchants that Viglink works with (see list of Viglink Merchants here). You don’t need to sign up individually with the merchants. And Viglink will automatically change your links into affiliate links. You don’t need to add any tracking codes or affiliate id numbers to your link. It just automatically happens. And like I said, it’s completely free to sign up and use Viglink.

In 2013 I really didn’t do anything to promote or market these websites, and basically did no work on them beyond setting them up in mid 2012 to late 2012. I wrote short articles about the general type of product and uses for it, then listed a variety of those types of products for sale online. (This is very similar to what I used to do on my Squidoo lenses).

I used my Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool to find profitable niches and keyword phrases. I use the keyword tool to determine what to title my pages and posts, and what H1, H2, and H3 header tags, and keywords I should use within my article and for the blog post tags.

The table below shows my income and expenses for a group of 9 websites. This is not all of my Viglink income, but a subgroup of websites that I track as a specific group. The income was from two sources, the actual Viglink income, and also Google Adsense income on the websites. For anyone who builds websites for the sole purpose of Adsense revenue, you’ll think my Adsense income stinks! And you are right! But the primary intent of these websites was to try out Viglink as an online income source. As you all know, I get easily distracted and didn’t do much of anything with these websites beyond setting them up. One of my goals for 2014 is to do some more work on these sites and also to expand and scale this income stream by adding more websites.

Viglink Earnings Income Case Study

The expenses shown are for website hosting fees and domain registration/renewals. Months that show the expenses as $22.18 are for website hosting only, and the other months that are higher include the website hosting fees as well as one or more domains that renewed during that month. For this group of websites, they are hosted on I pay for two separate hosting plans and spread out the websites with 5 websites on one GoDaddy shared hosting plan, and 4 websites on another GoDaddy hosting plan. The hosting fees and domain names were my only expenses, beyond my time of course.

To sum it up, the 9 websites made me a net income of $1,195.60 for the year. Β While this is not a lot of income, it is ongoing income that comes in every month above and beyond the cost of the websites. Β It drips, drips, drips, a little bit of money each and every month.

For someone who already has a website that has a lot of traffic and has random links to online products, installing the Viglink code on your website could start earning them an easy source of online income. I have actually thought about looking on for some cheap websites for sale that aren’t monetized well (therefore selling cheaply), but have good traffic and have links to products or merchants. I think Viglink could be a great way to monetize a website with good traffic.

For a special treat, here’s a screenshot of my Viglink Earnings dashboard, showing my total Viglink earnings at more than $5100. I started trying out Viglink at the end of April 2012, so this represents my earnings over 20 months, which averages out to $255 a month.

Viglink Income Screenshot

Have you tried Viglink on any of your websites, blogs, or forums? What has your experience been with Viglink?


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  1. I have not tried Viglink, but posts like this are the reason your blog is one of the 2 where I read every post. I’ve heard of Viglink before and then promptly forgot all about it.

    Your hosting seems very expensive! I have the Baby Plan with Hostgator. Maybe I’m missing something, but it seems way less expensive. I would just use GoDaddy to buy the domain names (I use NameCheap) and Hostgator for hosting.

  2. Now I’m also wondering if you have any Amazon affiliate sites? Any how would they compare to the sites where you use Viglink? I’m planning to make one this year. πŸ™‚

    • Hi Maya! I’m in the process of building out some Amazon affiliate sites, which I plan to share here with my readers soon. I’m experimenting with different tools to make the process of adding Amazon affiliate links easier. As soon as I’m comfortable with one and feel like it is working well for me, I will share it here on the site. (I don’t like to share new software or tools when I FIRST start using them because sometimes I like them initially but then I find problems with the tool or they don’t do exactly what I want them to do). I was actually thinking about doing a “Join Me as I Build an Amazon Affiliate Website” type of series of posts where I document what I’m doing, what hosting, plugins or themes I’m using, my challenges and where I get “stuck” etc. Stay Tuned for More Info! (You can subscribe to the blog at the bottom of each post and you will get email notifications when I make new posts!)

      • I saw a product recently that looked like it would make it quick and easy to add Amazon affiliate links, but I forgot to get it and now I can’t remember the name of it! But I am looking forward to your review(s).

        I’m a subscriber already. πŸ™‚

  3. I have been stalking your website for a while now, and tell anyone I know who asks about Zazzle to look you up. You have the most useful information on the internet. Also, it’s a freaking witch hunt just to track down specific details on starting blog, which is pretty ironic, considering how saturated the subject is. Just another example of why I think your blog is awesome. I”m trying to develop a few sites – for the first time – myself. I already have a shared adsene account with WebAnswers and plan to expand with my sites – when I figure out how to set them up right. WordPress is such a pain for newbies..LOL. I never even heard of VigLink. I’m definitely going to try it out when up and going. I also want to do the Zazzle too. Thank you! Sarah

    • Hi Sarah! Thanks for the comment! Yes, wordpress is such a pain to set up. Which is actually why I haven’t made a step by step tutorial…I feel like I never know what the heck I’m doing either. One of my goals for 2014 is to get some basic tutorials written for newbies. Stay tuned! πŸ™‚

  4. So glad you started posting again I thought you’d left this blog for good. Could I ask why did the earnings go up to 400 and down again? And an amazon series would be perfect seeing as I have an amazon site just started less than a week ago I could use all the guidance I can get.

    • Hi Ash! I know, I know….I’ve haven’t been updating the website very much. But I have big plans for in 2014! To answer your question, the Viglink earning jumped up in February, because I was reporting for the month I was PAID in, which represented the earnings I made in December, during the holiday shopping season. So I had more sales over Christmas, as to be expected. πŸ™‚

  5. Hi Kim!

    First of all, thanks for all of the info you share with us. It’s extremely inspirational. It’s truly appreciated. I have a learned a whole lot from your blog.

    I would like for you to know that BlueHost might be a good way to in terms of a website host that a new WordPress user can use. They have easy 1-click installs, which take care of the majority of the technical issues. I started with WP this way and it’s given me a chance to learn the technical aspects slowly over time. Their customer service has almost always at least been adequate and quite a few times it’s been great. I believe that Godaddy has begun to host WP as well although I currently only use GD for domain names.

    Could you answer a question about Viglink for me? If I already have a website with affiliate links to places like Zazzle, Amazon or affiliate programs like Comission Junction or Shareasale, will Viglink automatically add these links for me? Meaning, can I trust Viglink to do this big part of the work for me so that I don’t have to spend unnecessary time coping or creating affiliate links through these vendors or affiliate services. Thanks for any info!

    • Yes, Viglink will turn the link into an affiliate link without you having to add your affiliate id and tracking codes, etc. Viglink will give you the option in the settings to either leave your current affiliate links intact, or to “reaffiliate” them. One debate would be the number of sales you get for Amazon and Zazzle, where you are paid a higher commission for more sales on Amazon, and are paid higher volume bonus for more sales on Zazzle. If you only have a few sales and are therefore on the lower end of the commission tiers, Viglink may actually pay you more. But if you have lots of sales, and therefore are paid a higher commission, you might earn more through your own links, than if you reaffiliated those links through Viglink.

      Also, they have added some updates, and now under the “How it Works” tab, there is a bookmarklet that you can drag into your bookmarks bar, then “preview” and test how any page on your website would look once Viglink is installed.

  6. As always, thanks for the great information. I have a wordpress website (seperate from my zazzle one…both hosted on the same bluehost account) that I think may eventually work well for such a viglink option. What I like about bluehost is that you can create as many wordpress sites as you want all on the same account, and simply add a new domain to each (so only paying for the domain rather than hosting for each site).

  7. Hello! I’ve been reading your site on and off for a year, and although it’s my resolution to start doing zazzle, and possibly other monetized sources of revenue, it’s a lot to digest. I am confident that my ideas will sell on zazzle, and I’m also an illustrator & copywriter, so it’s a natural fit. The biggest drawback is just knowing where to start…keep up the good work, your blog is very inspired and helpful. -bill

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