Viglink Earnings My First Full Calendar Month $159

I just wanted to do an updated post about how my first full calendar month of Viglink did.  I started using Viglink on some of my blogs and websites at the end of April.  So May is the first full month of earnings.  This is just what I have earned.  I have not yet received payment for these earnings, so that is why they were not included in the post about my May income.  I was only reporting income that I had actually received payment for.  The earnings on those may have been from 60-90 prior to receiving the payment.

If you are reading this and don’t know what Viglink is, you can read all about it on a post I wrote here

Here’s a screenshot of my dashboard showing my daily earnings for May.  You can see that the total for the entire month of May was $159.  Pretty good for my first full month.  I am very happy so far with how Viglink has increased my earnings.

Viglink May Earnings $159 - First Full Calendar Month

Viglink May Earnings $159 - First Full Calendar Month


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  1. you are doing extremely well and I like the fact that this is a passive income stream once I buy my own blog I can defiantly icorporate this

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