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What is Viglink?


First of all, let me explain what Viglink is. Viglink is an affiliate network that website owners can join to get access to thousands of merchant’s affiliate programs. Not just access, but approval in thousands of affiliate programs. Once you join (for free), you can install a plugin or place a script on your website, and Viglink will automatically turn certain product names or website name or urls into affiliate links seamlessly when the user clicks on a link. (Your affiliation with Viglinks must be disclosed on your website). For example, if I typed that I saw a cool pillow on, then the words “” would automatically become an affiliate link.

They have a button you can place on your website to disclosure your Viglink affiliate links that looks like this:

And you can also check a box in your dashboard and any links that are automatically turned into affiliate links will say “link added by Viglink” when your mouse hovers over it. These satisfy the FTC disclosure law.

Most of the merchants in the program pay you commissions for sales. If someone clicks on your affiliate link, then goes to the website and makes a purchase you get a commission. But a few of the merchants pay based on clicks. I know for sure the both and eBay pay based on clicks (at least the last time I checked). However, Viglink doesn’t automatically approve you into the eBay program, but if you are sending clickouts to eBay from your website, you can email support at Viglink and request to be approved for eBay and they should start affiliating your links. I had Viglink installed on one of my websites for a few days, got plenty of clickouts to eBay because the website focused on products commonly sold on eBay, and I simply sent them an email and they approved my account for eBay.

I have only been a member of Viglink for less than two weeks now, so I don’t have all the answers about how it works. However, I’m really encouraged by the success I’ve had early on. The money I’ve earned is because I have Viglink installed on a few different websites I own that focus on niches where many of the products are sold on eBay, which pays for quality clicks. You can see my earnings below. This is for the first 10 days of my account. I started earning eBay earnings a few days after they approved me for the eBay program. It wasn’t picking up all the clickouts my website stats said I had to eBay on the first day or two, but then after that the clickouts seem to match up with my website stats.

Of course their is a cost for everything, and although the Viglink program is free, they take a cut of the commissions you earn. They get 25% and you get 75%. For me, the reason I even searched out and found a program like Viglink was because I had applied three different times to the eBay Partner Network and could not get into the program. I have some websites that send lots of traffic to eBay and it was killing me to know that I was missing out on commissions I could have been earning from the eBay affiliate network. So I researched a few programs and decided to try Viglink. There are a few other similar programs out there such as SKimlinks and 123LinkIt. I think I went with Viglink because they you basically just had to sign up and install the script or plugin and you were up and running. Skimlinks had a whole application process. And I didn’t really look into 123LinkIt.

After a few days of seeing that the program was tracking my eBay clickouts from my websites but I wasn’t earning any money, I inquired about what I would need to do in order to get approved for the eBay affiliate program. Then next day I received an email back saying that they monetized my eBay links and now I would start earning revenue from them.

So here’s my first 10 days of earnings. I’m excited about this new revenue source because my websites that I put these on are new websites that I’m just now developing. Their traffic is pretty low right now and I expect that the websites will get more traffic over time and in turn my revenue will increase also. If you are interested in monetizing the content on your website, you can join Viglink for free here. Once you have the script installed on your website, it will go through all your old content and see if it can monetize any of your links already on your website. In your dashboard you can tell it to override and existing affiliate links already in place or to keep them as they are and only monetize other links. It also will link to common product names. For example, I noticed on one of my websites I had written about my iPad and it turned the word “iPad” into an affiliate link automatically. You can turn this option on or off from your dashboard.

As you can see from my earnings report below, I earned $16 in the last 10 days of April. I thought that was pretty good for just starting out. I will keep you posted on how my Viglink Earnings increase over time.

VigLink Earnings Results

First 10 Days of Earnings with VigLinks

Here’s another update on how my Viglink earnings are doing. I have been seeing a slow but steady increase in earnings as my traffic to my websites has increased. Some of the websites I am using this on are brand new websites created just a few weeks ago. I am still adding content to these new websites, so my traffic should continue to increase. These earnings are from eBay clicks, as my sites focus on talking about items that are for sale on eBay. Viglink has thousands of affiliate merchants, most of which pay for sales, however a few of the merchants pay for clicks.

Please note that I uploaded this on May 9th, so that day’s clicks are incomplete which is why there is no revenue showing for that day.

Viglink Earnings Review


Update June 1st, 2012:

Viglink Earnings My First Full Calendar Month $159

Here’s an updated screenshot of my month of May. I ended the month earning $159 from Viglink.

Viglink May Earnings $159 - First Full Calendar Month

Viglink May Earnings $159 - First Full Calendar Month


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