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Golden Gate Bridge

If you own a website or write on a blog, then you’ve probably come across the problem of finding good graphics, pictures, and images that compliment your topic and are FREE.  Although there are millions of images on the web, most of them are copyright protected and you can’t just upload any picture to your website.  If you do, you run the risk of a lawsuit by the legal owner of the image.  Copyright means the owner of the picture has the right choose how the image is used.  And unless you have express written permission from the owner of the photograph or graphic, you don’t have the right to upload it to your website.

Creative Commons Pictures

One solution to this is to use Creative Commons licensed photographed.  If your website earn any revenue then you are limited to using only Creative Commons licensed photos that don’t prohibit commercial use.  This limits your choices of good images that correspond to your topic.  If you do find an acceptable photograph to use that has Creative Commons license and doesn’t prohibit it’s use on a commercial website, then you must provide attribution to the source of the photo.  I used to exclusively use CC license photos by using the advanced search tool on Flickr, but sometimes I couldn’t find what I was looking for.

Hidden Depths

Revenue Earning Artwork and Posters

But I have an even better solution to finding great graphics and pictures for your website.  Join the AllPosters.com and Art.com affiliate programs and you’ll have access to millions of GREAT photographs and images, like the photos I’ve shared on this page.  These are posters and photographs and artwork for sale.  You can embed the html from their affiliate programs and not only will you have a fantastic image on your website, but you will also have a new revenue stream.  Because these posters are for sale, by putting the links on your website you are eligible for a commission if someone clicks on the image and then buys any artwork from Allposters.com or Art.com.  And the commission are quite nice, a whopping 20%.

Granada, Spain
Get Great Photos for your website like this one

You’ll get great images on your website and quietly earn additional revenue.  I had used some photographs from AllPosters on one of my webpages and then completely forgotten that I was even an affiliate for them.  Months went by and then I received an email from them saying I had $80 in commission waiting for me in my account and I need to fill out my W-9 tax form so that they could pay me.  At first I thought it was just some scam email trying to get my personal information, so I didn’t click any links in the email, but instead went directly to my Allposters account.  Since I had completely forgotten about this affiliate program, it took me a while to find where I had written down my user name and password so that I could log into my account.  But once I logged in, I saw that I did have $80+ in commissions.  So I filled out my tax form and they sent me my commissions to my Paypal account within a week.

They have artwork and posters in every category imaginable so I’m sure you could find great pictures to use on your website for almost any niche that you write about.  

Jetty Maldives

You can join the Art.com and AllPosters affiliate programs for free here.
Sign up for AllPosters Affiliate Program Here
Webmasters Make $$$
Webmasters Make $$$

Great pictures for your website
Join Art.com Affiliate Program Here


2 comments on “Where to get Stunning FREE pictures, images, graphics for your website and EARN money too

  1. Hi Kim,

    I was just reading you interesting Squidoo lens on residual income and your 365 day journey. I really liked your posters and clicked on the link to ALLPosters.com.

    The link led me to an affiliate site and not a home page, so really, I could not have checked your site.

    Via your squidoo lens I arrived here. Also, I checked the link here and it still led me to just the affiliate page.

    Anyway, just wanted to let you know.

    Have a great day,


    • Hi Dita, thank for your comment. When you click the posters shown it takes you to where you can buy them on AllPosters. When you click the links I provided in the text, I was showing you where to go to SIGN UP to be an affiliate for AllPosters, so you could use cool posters on your website too. So the links are meant to take the reader directly to the affiliate sign up page, because the article is about how to get great pictures for your website by using the AllPosters affiliate program. I hope that clarified it for you. Let me know if you have any questions about how the AllPosters affiliate site works.

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